Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1 – What is in the new release?

In Sage 200 by Tom Leslie

Reading Time: 3 minutes

It’s always fun to get the newest and latest things and we are here to tell you about the latest releases with Sage 200 Professional, 2021 R1!

A quick run down, Sage 200 Professional is the on-premise version of Sage 200 (the other being the online version, Sage 200 Standard). With the on-premise version, you need to have access to both SQL and Sage they can either be on the same server or on separate servers.

Now we have the technical side over and done with, let’s get into what is new with Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1!

New Sage 200 Web Screens

With Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1 there are new web screens that you can view. A web screen is when you use a web license to access your Sage data within a web browser. With 2021 R1 there are a variety of screens now available that weren’t available before. Below are a list of the new forms

New forms for Sage 200 Stock Control:

  • Manage stock take
  • Transfer stock
  • Stock record (Create/ Amend/ Duplicate/ View)
  • View Stock Item balances & Stock buying prices
  • Stock item supplier and locations
  • Stock list
  • View stock item history
  • View monthly trading figures
  • Stock location

New forms for Sage 200 Purchase Ledger:

  • Purchase Payment/ Receipt
  • Maintain Supplier status
  • Transaction enquiry
  • Authorise supplier transaction
  • Purchase Invoice/ Credit
  • Supplier List
  • Supplier Account (Create/ Amend/ View)
  • Purchase Ledger Settings

New forms for Sage 200 Sales Ledger:

  • Sales Payment/ Receipt
  • Maintain customer status
  • Transaction enquiry
  • Sales Invoice/ Credit
  • Customer List
  • Customer Account (Create/ Amend/ View)
  • Sales Ledger Settings


New forms for Sage 200 Nominal Ledger:

  • Transaction enquiry
  • Nominal Account (Create/Amend/View)
  • Nominal ledger list

New forms for Sage 200 Cashbook:

  • Bank account transaction enquiry
  • Interbank transfer
  • Bank account list

New forms for Sage 200 Settings:

  • Sales ledger settings
  • Purchase ledger settings

New forms for Sage 200 Sales Orders:

  • Customer Price enquiry

New forms for Sage 200 Maintenance Forms:

  • Warehouse list

These new web screens are the same as what is available within Sage 200 Standard, Sage has done this to help Professional customers get the same flexibility and accessibility with their system as the online customers.

Sage 200 Azure – Easier Deployment

Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1 now has a new option for setting up on azure platforms. If you don’t have the capability/space to have an internal server for your office to host your Sage 200 software, one of the options for you would be to have an online server hosted for you by Azure (other providers are available, Contact us for more information).

Sage has now made it easier to have your Sage 200 professional setup onto your Azure server which speeds up the time it takes to implement and as such, can help cut down the costs to implement your Sage 200 software.

Sage 200 API

With Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1 there has been an extension to your API fields to allow for the ability to connect to more ISV (Independent Supplier Vendor) solutions to help make Sage 200 the perfect system for you (see here for the list of Addons we can provide). The extensions added allows for more connective functionality to the Sales and Purchase Ledger and to your Stock list.


Have we piqued your interest in upgrading your Current Sage 200 Software or in moving over to Sage 200? Then why not ask us for a demo so we can show you all you can do with Sage 200 Professional 2021 R1!

We hope you have enjoyed the read and have a great day!