Is Sage Live right for me? Find out the itas way

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Are you someone who has been tasked with searching for a new accounting solution? If so, then I’m sure you’ve come across the cloud-based world of accounting and maybe you’ve heard of Sage Live.

Cloud is giving us access to new, exciting, innovative products that are changing the way we do accounting forever. One of these products stands out from the rest is Sage Live. Something lots of people don’t understand about Sage Live is that it has been designed to be more than just an accounting solution. Sage Live’s collaboration with Salesforce and its inbuilt workflows gives you the potential to be much more.

So, Sage Live…Game Changer?

If you haven’t already, you should be considering cloud-based solutions. The benefits of cloud are well established by now, if you’re not careful you may find competitors overtaking you while reaping the benefits of the cloud. Money saving, space saving, access anywhere, always updated are just some of the benefits.

Sage Live gives you even more capabilities than ordinary solutions, both cloud, and on-premise. The truth is, some people aren’t quite ready for it. They are used to and comfortable with the current way they are working. Sage Live connects both front and back of office which is unique to anything else on the market. The culmination of Sales, Projects, and Finance all working on one platform changes the game for accounting.

What we have found is that it takes a certain type of customer to truly get to grips and understand Sage Live. If you are one of these customers that fit the sage live bracket, the potential is massive for your business.

Am I a Sage Live Customer or Not?

I have created a short questionnaire that has been designed for you to establish whether you are a Sage Live customer.

You have 10 questions to answer, all of which are yes, not sure and no answers. All your answers have points which will establish how well you fit the ‘Sage Live Customer Identity’.


Would you like a cloud based solution? (yes = 1 / not sure = 5 / No = 10)

Would you like better reporting? (yes = 1 / not sure = 5 / No = 10)

Are you a business that consists of more than 1 company? (yes = 1 / not sure = 3 / No = 5)

Do you prefer standard spreadsheet reports to dashboards? (yes = 10 / not sure = 5 / No = 1)

Would you like a solution that connects both front and back of office on one system? (yes = 1 / not sure = 5 / No = 10)

Are you open to using your accounting system on multiple devices rather than just your computer? (Yes = 1 / not sure = 5 / No = 10)

Do you, or have you ever used a Salesforce product? (Yes = 1 / not sure = 3 / No = 5)

Are you a business that has mobile (Consultant) workers or incorporates BOYD? (Bring Your Own Device) (Yes = 1 / not sure = 5 / No = 10)

Are you looking to cut costs on computer hardware and servers? (Yes = 1 / not sure = 5 / No = 10)

Is stock management an essential area in your business? (Yes = 15 / not sure = 5 / No = 1 )

How to recognise if you could be a Sage Live Customer computer desk (1)

Your Score

70/79 – You probably don’t need to move to a new solution.

60/69 – You should investigate another on-premise based solution. (

50/59 – You may need another cloud solution, but not Sage Live. (

40/49 – Sitting on the fence, you may need a conversation with a consultant to identify exactly what you’re after. (

30/39 – Good Sage Live customer fit, may need a demo to solidify your decision (

20/29 – Perfect Sage Live customer, you need to see pricing. (

10/19 – You need Sage Live now. (


The idea of the questionnaire was to give you an idea of the bracket you fit in as a customer. If you fit in anywhere between 10 and 39 its worth having a conversation around Sage Live with one of our team.

Sage Live targets a unique customer that’s willing to work a new way, for the better. If this is you, now is the time to consider a switch. Companies sticking to the on-premise solutions can be at a significant disadvantage to those moving to the cloud. A new innovative product like Sage Live is what we have all been waiting for.

Making the decision to move to a new solution, surely you must look at your business with a plan for the future. Any extensive plan, a cloud-based decision will have to be made. Why look elsewhere other than Sage Live where you can connect all areas of the office into one place, all hosted by the cloud.

Social Media Stress Ball

Cloud Vs On-Prem Horror Story

I have heard the horror stories of companies knocking down walls to expand out their finance department. In one case the company went to this extent to encourage better communication… It makes me wonder whether they have been careless enough to avoid products such as Sage Live. Maybe it was the pressure of making such a significant jump? I’m not sure. This highlights the significance of having a Sage Business partner who would provide advice in these situations. Sage Live couldn’t have been any more ideal for a company like this, especially with Salesforces’ Chatter integration.

The truth is, companies like this are falling behind and others investing in the cloud are overtaking. This particular company is struggling in its industry. A massive investment in computer hardware, building developments, staffing and a big investment in a new accounting product has surely secured them an uncertain future. All of which could have been minimised or avoided with Sage Live.


If you are in the process of moving onto a new accounting system, I couldn’t recommend a cloud solution highly enough especially in comparison to on-premise. Remember, your competitors could be investing in the cloud right now. My advice would be, explore the cloud. We are at a point where you can’t avoid it. When investing in a solution you are committing to a long period with that product. It’s crucial a decision like this is heavily investigated to avoid situations like the company I mentioned. Let us know if Sage Live is a product you would like to investigate.