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To help you get the most out of your Sage 50 system

Below is a library of our Sage Intacct Webinars. They are all free and on demand so you can watch them immediately, or whenever you have a bit of spare time. If you have a suggestion for a webinar, please email us on

Sage 50 On-demand Webinars (Available to Watch Now)

Webinar: Automate your Credit Control in Sage 50

Watch this on-demand webinar where our host, Richard Haywood from Draycir, will give you a brief overview of Credit Hound Professional and the different tools that can be used within the software. Get paid faster and improve cash flow with Credit Hound.

Webinar: Get More Out of Your Sage 50 System

In this session, Hannah Munro talks you through how to maximise the full potential of your Sage 50cloud system. Helping you boost productivity and efficiency within your finance team, freeing up time for those more important tasks that they usually don't have time to do.

Webinar: Unlocking Powerful Reporting in Sage 50

If you find Sage 50's reporting capabilities quite limited, Hannah Munro helps you get more out of your current Sage 50cloud reporting. This will help you gain better visibility across your business, helping you make faster and better-informed decisions.

Webinar: Integrate Your CRM with Sage 50

In this session, we take you through integrating your Sage 50 system with your CRM. This includes what integration options are available, the reasons why you should be considering integrating your Sage 50 system with your CRM platform, and why it's beneficial for your organisation.

Webinar: itas' Top Sage 50 Addons

Sage Specialist, Hannah Munro talks about our top three Sage 50 add-ons, Credit Hound, ExpenseIn, and PaperLess. She goes into detail on each of these three add-ons, their use cases, and how they can help streamline your business processes. Some benefits include automatic invoice entry, credit chasing, management of staff expenses, and general time-saving.

Webinar: How to Audit Your Sage 50

Hannah Munro, our Sage Specialist covers our top tips on auditing your Sage 50 system including why you should do it, and how. By auditing your Sage 50 system and putting together a system strategy you can identify areas for improvement and a plan to implement automation and efficiency.

Webinar: Life After Sage 50

Hannah Munro covers what comes after Sage 50. She will help you identify whether you've outgrown Sage 50 including any warning signs you may have not noticed, or are working around. She also talks about what the next steps are in terms of migrating to a new system and what options are available to you depending on your business requirements.

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