Sage 50 Accounts v28 : New Feature – Business Dashboards

In Sage 50 by Andy Patterson

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Version 26 of Sage 50 accounts saw the removal of a few features, controversially, as it appears from the chatter in Sage City, one of them being Dashboards.

This had been in the application for years and in all my time at Sage I never once had a query or had to support someone on Dashboards.

I’d never known anyone who used them efficiently and I’m sure some customers didn’t even know they existed.

Well, it appears, Sage had a plan to improve them and add them in all along. Whatever the reason, Version 28 of Sage 50 Accounts see’s the return of the feature now known as “Business Dashboards” into the application.

This is a complete replacement to the ‘Dashboards’ feature that we’ve seen in v26 and below. It has some great features from customisation to selective audience sharing.

Let’s check these out below.

How do you access the Sage 50 business dashboards?

You can access Business Dashboards via the Module taskbar

By default, you’ll be given the option to create your own dashboard or select from one of the three default ones in the program.

The three defaults are:

  • Business overview – Gives key information for Business performance such as Gross Profit, VAT Liability, Business Liquidity position, and Funds in and out of your default bank account.
  • Supplier Overview – This dashboard gives you a glance at your Top Suppliers, Trade Creditors, Overdue Supplier invoices, and any supplier disputes
  • Customer Overview – Keep on top of Your Aged debtors, Customer disputes, and overdue Invoices as well as view your Top Customers all at a glance.

Once selected, you are taken to the Dashboard with each selected area. These areas are known as widgets. You can configure each widget by selecting the config wheel. This allows you to rename the widget to something more personal and also, amend the parameters such as reporting period or reporting nominal codes(s).

The widgets are docked into position by default but you can customise this to a more personal view by choosing Edit and moving the widgets to your liking. Whilst in Edit, you can also choose to add more widgets or even remove the ones you have in the current selection.

Once you have made your selection, you can choose to share these with other users. This can be so they can edit the dashboards or purely have access to view the data. This is really handy if they need these for a presentation or for an upcoming meeting.

TIP if you need the data displayed in the dashboard exported as an image for something like a presentation, simply click the camera icon in the top right of the screen! That’s it copied to the clipboard for you to use when you’re ready


Can I share the Sage 50 business dashboards?

To share and manage access to the Dashboard, choose Edit and Share Dashboard. You’ll be presented a list of users in your dataset and this is where you can choose to give View only or Edit options. Simply select the desired tick-box and click Save and you’re done.

Business Dashboards aren’t restricted to just one layout. This means you don’t need to cram every widget onto a Dashboard and have it really busy and confusing.

You can have several in a list which is really easy to view.

For me, the best thing to do is to add all default dashboards and then build your own. This way, you’ll have the best of both worlds easily accessible from the Dashboard page.


In my opinion, the new Business Dashboards in Sage 50 Accounts v28 is a great addition. It is a much more modern and customisable improvement on the old dashboards which were removed.

This time around, I can see plenty of people benefitting from this feature and using it as an everyday tool!

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