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Top 5 Tips on How to Work Effectively as a Team

In Office Life, Process Improvement by Kate Jones

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Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships”  – Michael Jordan

Here at itas, we believe working as a team is vital. Especially, on when helping customers with support!

So, we thought we would share our top tips on how we work effectively in a team environment.

Tip #01: Communication is key

The best teams know exactly what is going on around them. It is important to talk to your team, find out what they are working on and share what you have on your list too. Collaboration drives business, and you may be missing vital opportunities to work together simply because you don’t know what is going on.

Our Sage 200 and Sage Live support team recently changed around their desks to allow for better communication around current cases, which has made a big improvement. While sharing the good stuff is great, often it is the bad stuff that needs sharing most. Sometimes, individuals clash… that is just life. But not speaking up about issues can cause fragmentation in the team. Talk it out!

communication for team workTip #02: Listen to the Team

When someone is talking to you, it is easy to catch sight of an email and drift away… isn’t it? But don’t! If someone is taking the time to speak to you and share information, look at them and take in what they are saying.

You can talk all day but if no one is listening to you, you are a group of individuals just sat close to each other. If you don’t understand something that’s been said, ask for clarification. You have to be honest with each other, otherwise, the team can become frustrated.

Tip #03: Take responsibility

This one is relevant in all walks of life, take responsibility for your actions… good or bad. If you haven’t done something you should have; don’t point the finger at others, Own your actions and admit your failures. You gain way more respect by admitting and apologising for something you haven’t got round to doing just yet.

Passing the blame and pointing out other peoples failures to deflect from your own will only create friction within the team. However, it is not just the bad things we should be stepping up to. If you have done something well, own it! Be proud of your achievement.

Tip #04: Don’t brag

I know I just told you to take responsibility for the great things you have done and talk about everything… however, good work speaks for itself. There is no need to walk around the office telling your whole team how great you are. Your team will recognise your achievement without you boasting about it.

Bragging creates resentment, and anyone who resents you isn’t going to work well with you. Congratulate each other on your successes, you will feel much more appreciated than if you ran around telling everyone!

Tip #05: Be clear on roles

The best teams know exactly who is doing what, how they are doing it and when it’s going to be done by. Make sure you have clearly defined boundaries of where each person’s roles begin and end. This, coupled with great communication and honestly from team members will allow you to really get the best out of your team.

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Hopefully, now you are feeling more equip to run/be part of an effective and productive working team! It does take time to build up the skills and teamwork necessary to be able to work in perfect harmony, so stick together and refer back to our top 5 tips.

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