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Episode Nineteen – FAQs on Payment Processing

In Podcast by Harry Phillips

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In this episode:

Hannah Munro and Mark Armstrong are back again with another installment of the Sage 200 Buzz Podcast, getting you ever so closer to becoming a Sage 200 expert!

Every wondered whether you can reprint a remittance?
What about foreign currency suppliers?
What if I need to pay a factor house?
…well look no further!

Following this months theme of Payment Processing, our trusted hosts answer all of your burning questions surrounding the subject, also giving you a few hints and tips along the way.

This weeks addon section puts the spotlight on the brilliant Sage Payments. This exciting new addon gives you access to 24 countries and up to 11 different currencies, yes… 11!

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Links related to the episode:

If you’d like a free Sage 200 Demo of almost anything discussed in this episode, then click HERE and follow the instructions.

Take a look at: Sicon Audit Trail addon.

An Introduction to Payment Processing podcast: Listen Here

Payment Processing Guide: Download Here

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