Getting Started with Sage 200 Excel Reporting

In Sage 200 by Simonas Putauskas

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As many of you know, Sage has been around for quite some time now. With that said one can expect a lot of changes, upgrades and addons in different ranges.


One of these new changes in Sage 200 2015 is a section called ‘Excel Reporting’. Even though Excel Reporting has been around through the years within Sage, it has gone by a different name in the past. This specific function used to be called ‘Excel Integration’. Due to the great response of this function by clients, Sage decided to upgrade the whole module from the ground up.

I think this is where a lot of users are getting confused…

I think this is where a lot of users are getting confused after upgrading their Sage software, as they expect this function to work as it did before. The truth of the matter is, this function still works like it used to, but Sage has put in a lot of work into it to give it a greater flexibility boost.

If you try to use this function in Sage 200 2015, you might be surprised that a lot of the on screen selections will not allow you to utilise them completely. This is because you are now required to subscribe to Excel Reporting.

Now before we start throwing our coffee cups to the ground in rage of another expense lingering. I can assure you, there is no extra cost involved in using this function unless… You really want to get that boost from your spreadsheets, reports and different ways of presenting all of it.

That’s where your subscription comes into play. You can still use all of the same standard functions of Excel Reporting, however now you can get exposed to multiple different functions, layouts, graphs and more. Some of which are free and some that are at an extra cost.

So, if you want to use Excel Reporting, these are the free options available to you straight out of the box:

  • Customer Report 
  • Nominal Accounts
  • Stock Items
  • Suppliers

Free preview reports which demonstrate what subscription Reports can do for you:

  • Customer Transaction preview
  • Nominal Transactions Preview
  • Stock Transactions Preview
  • Supplier Transactions Preview

Once you subscribe to Excel Reporting, you get loads more!

Right, let’s just have a quick recap. Excel Reporting is still available for free in Sage 200 2015. The same layouts still exist from the previous version, however, Excel Reporting got big. What was once known as Excel Integration has now moved up the ranks and is in it’s own league. Don’t get scared or put off by this, it’s not a bad thing.

One thing to remember when using Excel Reporting from now on…

Nothing has changed it only evolved. So the next time you are using Excel Reporting remember there are multiple instances of the same functions i.e. Customer Transactions and Customer Transactions Preview.  They are the same yet different, one exports and one previews.

So when working in Excel Reporting it is highly recommended to stretch out the ‘Report name’ Column so you can see which report you’re actually selecting. And with this big update of the module, there is just that much more choice, fun and experimentation available.

Happy Reporting!


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