Sage 50 Update 2023 – New Release Highlights

In Business Management Software by Sophie Galtress

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If you missed it earlier this year, Sage released v29 of Sage 50 Accounts and there are a bunch of new features, most of which were raised by users of the software like you via Sage City, that we are yet to talk about! 

In this blog, I’ll be covering what new features are in this release and what that means for you as a Sage 50 user. 

Quick Search Feature 

First up, Sage has now made it easier to find records when entering data! 

This means that whenever you enter data, you can now find records using any information you know about this data. For example, if you know the customer’s name or the town they’re located in, you can use this to find your customer.  

This feature can be found in the following record drop-down lists: 

  • Customers 
  • Suppliers 
  • Products
  • Nominal 
  • Projects 
  • Departments 

There’s also another way, which is to use the quick search feature in the Projects and Departments ledgers. 

New Analysis and Email Fields 

Sage has added three new analysis fields to customer and supplier records. These are customisable and you can change the name of them by going to Settings > Configuration > Custom Fields. 

Calculate Net on Recurring Items 

Another handy feature that comes with this update is the ability to Calculate Net on recurring items! This will show on the Add/Edit Recurring Entry window, and it allows you to enter the gross amount and the Net/VAT split is calculated for you automatically.  

To see this change, go to Bank Accounts > Recurring Items > Add/Edit and voila, you can now calculate net on recurring items! 

Increase the Size of the Product Description and Part Number Fields 

Woo, we finally have more characters in the product description! Before this update, the description only allowed up to 60 characters, but now we have double that amount with 120 in the new update. The part number field character limit has also been increased from 16 to 60 characters. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but the difference will be noticeable! 

Gross Column Added to Batch Data Entry Windows 

When you now add data into batch data entry windows, the gross amount will now be seen as a read-only field. This is useful when it comes to entering a purchase invoice, for example, you can check the gross amount on an invoice against the net and vat calculated by the system. 

You can find this field in the following batch data entry windows: 

  • Suppliers > Batch Invoice 
  • Suppliers > Batch Credit 
  • Bank Accounts > Bank Payment 
  • Bank Accounts > Bank Receipt 
  • Customers > Batch Invoice 
  • Customers > Batch Credit 
  • Subcontractors > Batch Invoice 
  • Subcontractors > Batch Credit 
  • Purchase Orders > Update Ledgers > Update 

Invoice Payments 

PayPal/Stripe Enhancement 

If your customers are using PayPal or their credit card via Stripe to make payments, the Invoice Payments feature has now been enhanced to add support to the following: 

  • Part Payments: a customer can pay part of the outstanding invoice amount rather than them having to pay in full. 
  • Settlement Discount: if a customer’s record includes the provision for a settlement discount, this discount will automatically be applied if a payment is made within the terms. 

Sage Branding 

There is now a whole new look to Sage! As you may already be aware, Sage underwent a whole new look toward the end of 2022 and has been rocking their new logo for a while now. But they’ve not only changed their logo, they’ve also changed some of the icons on their shortcuts on desktop. Looks very snazzy! 


Miscellaneous Changes 

Invoice Finance – UK Only 

Sage has partnered with Satago to offer an embedded Invoice Finance Solution. 

Not everybody will get this update as it has only been offered to those within the UK, but those who qualify can sign up within Sage 50cloud Accounts, and any invoices raised within Sage can then be used to gain instant access to funds. For more information on this, please visit this link. 

Company Registration Number Field – UK Only 

We have now been given an extra field to the new company creation wizard, company preferences, customer, and supplier records. This allows the Company Registration Number to be stored. 

Online Companies House Lookup – UK Only 

Again, this is only available to those in the UK, but you can use the lookup field to find the Company Registration Number based on the company name. From the Companies House Lookup, you can copy the address details that are held by Companies House into the record in your Sage 50 system. 

Refresh Button added to Ledgers 

If multiple users are using Sage 50 Accounts / Sage 50cloud Accounts, an invoice that has been created on PC1 won’t immediately appear on PC2 until the data in that ledger is manually refreshed by resorting the window into a different order or closing and reopening the ledger. To improve this process, Sage has added a new Refresh button in all the ledgers. An alternative to this is to activate the refresh on your keyboard by using the standard Windows F5 function key. 

Don’t show again option 

Are you fed up with messages interrupting your workflow? There’s now an option to dismiss a message permanently so it no longer interrupts your workflow! A ‘don’t show again’ check box has been added to the following messages: 

  • Sales order status 
  • Terms agreed 
  • Date outside the financial year 
  • Credit change / non-base currency records 
  • Contra entry / non-base currency records 

Updated homepage 

This update is very short but sweet, but the homepage has been updated! You should see the new and improved page with an option to refresh. 

Change of country name 

In 2022, Turkey officially changed their name from Turkey to Turkiye. This should now be reflected in your Sage 50 system. 

Internet Explorer has been removed 

This one is one of our favourites… Internet Explorer is out, and your default browser is in! When you click on any link within your Sage 50 system, a browser will now open in your default (Chrome, Firefox, etc.) rather than Internet Explorer. 

EORI number added to customer and supplier delivery addresses 

When trading across borders, Sage 50 has now made compliance easier by recording the EORI (Economic Operators Registration and Identification) number against delivery addresses for customers and suppliers. 

Removal of Accountants Link 

This next feature was introduced in version 11, the Accountants Link, which allowed data to be exchanged between clients and their accountants. But, because of the introduction of Sage Drive / Remote Data Access, this feature has now been removed as the functionality for it became obsolete. 

Pain Points 

Help Banner and Portal 

A help banner has been added to every single window in Sage 50 Accounts / Sage 50cloud Accounts system, so hopefully this will make it easier for you to get any help/advice that you need. 

By default, this help option will sit at the right-hand side of the window, so you can interact with it whilst reading the help. Another great thing is that you can customise where this help portal sits and customise its size. If you have two monitors, you can also drag and drop this on your other screen viewing it in your default browser.  

Remote Data Access Enhancements 

More improvements have been made to the Remote Data Access feature, to ensure that access to this service is uninterrupted and fully stable by reducing instances where the data out-of-sync messages appear. 

Automatically fix data corruption 

Following conversion to v29.0, if data corruption is detected within your system, (as long as it can be fixed) a routine will be automatically triggered to take a backup of the original data and run the fix routines. 

If the fix has been successful, you can continue to work as normal. If the data can’t be fixed, further guidance will be sent to you regarding the next appropriate steps to take. 


So, a lot of new features to get excited about! Let us know if you have used any of these since the v29 release. Our next update blog will be around the features added in v29.2 which has just been released by Sage! Keep your eyes peeled for that one. 

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