Work from anywhere with Cloud Accounting

Close the books with a click of a button, gain endless visibility with powerful reports and save money whilst doing so, all from anywhere in the world.

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Finance is in a unique position to lead the way in flexible working

Even before COVID, many finance teams were adopting flexible styles of working that were made possible by technology. So as we enter a new form of industrial revolution, employers that embrace new ways of working and are responsive to the needs of their people are more likely to be successful.

Flexible working isn't just about remote working

Reduce paper usage

Reduce manual processes

Free up more time to be strategic

Attract the best talent

The foundations of flexible working is, however, Cloud

What are the benefits of Cloud Accounting?
  • Work from anywhere with an internet connection
  • No operating system limitations
  • No hardware limitations
  • Minimise the risk of lost or corrupted data
  • Piece of mind in the safety and security of your data
  • Reduce running costs
  • Set your business up for easy scalability
  • Hire the best talent from anywhere in the world

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What Cloud Accounting Software is available?

We understand that choosing the right finance software for your business can be extremely difficult. That is why we have put together an on-demand webinar comparing Sage Cloud Accounting solutions to help you get an idea of which one may be right for you.

  • What is true Cloud accounting software
  • What is Cloud-connected accounting software
  • What are the benefits of Cloud Accounting software
  • Which Sage Cloud Accounting solutions are available

Attract the top finance talent

Finance has a number of inbuilt attributes that make flexible ‘lifestyle’ working a relatively simple matter. In a recent Deloitte survey an astonishing 94% of people said that they would benefit from work flexibility. If your finance team are producing world-class work, do you care whether they are in the office or at the beach when they do it?

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What Cloud Accounting Software is available?

Watch the on-demand webinar as we explore Sage Cloud accounting solutions

Who are itas?

We like to help businesses solve problems and set you on a path for growth and success. From improving your month-end close, gaining insight with real-time reporting, to streamlining your multi-entity management, we can help! Our solution consultants have a wealth of process design and industry-specific knowledge, so we can offer real guidance on how to streamline and automate your business processes. We understand how daunting implementing new software can be, which is why we work in partnership with you to deliver the right solution for your business and solve your individual problems.

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