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In Sage Intacct by Owen Perkins

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Sage Intacct is jam-packed with useful tips and time-saving features. No one likes wasting time and we all want to complete our tasks in the most efficient way possible. Hopefully, after reading this article you will pick up these tips and tricks which will help you fly through your day to day activities.

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Setting favourites in Sage Intacct

When using Sage Intacct, you may only use a handful of features that can be spread out around the system. This can become time-consuming navigating around from task to task.

Wouldn’t it be handy to have all your commonly used tasks and applications in one place?

Luckily, Sage Intacct has a favourites feature that allows you to do this.

To add a task or application to your favourites, simply access the Application Switcher, hover over the tasks or application and hit the star which should then turn gold.

The colour of the star next to a task or application is an indicator of whether that feature is currently in your favourites.

Sage Intacct Tips - Setting Favourites

Once you’re happy with the tasks and applications you have added to your favourites, to view them you just need to click the star icon in the top left of the screen.

This will then display a drop-down list of all your selected favourites.

Sage Intacct Tips - Favourites List

You can even re-arrange your list of favourites by dropping and dragging.

Another handy feature within your favourites is that you can filter through them by selecting the application from the top of the favourites list.

Once your favourites are set up, it makes using and navigating Intacct so much more efficient.New call-to-action

Sage Intacct Search filters

When accessing list views, you don’t want to be wasting time scrolling and scrolling to find the record you need.

Instead, you can use the list filters located at the top of the list.

Sage Intacct Tips - Search Fields

From here you can enter keywords or search terms in order to drill down our list to make finding the record we need.

Important Tip: When entering search terms, it’s best practice to enter the ‘%’ symbol on either side of the value you wish to appear in your search.

This is crucial if the value only includes part of the record you wish to find, for example, if you were looking to find the customer ‘Shop Direct Group’.

If you were to enter the search value ‘direct’ this customer would not appear. Instead, you need to enter ‘%direct%’ which would retrieve customer results that have the word ‘direct’ in any part of the name.

Sage Intacct Tips - Search Parameters

You can also export list views using search filters. If you were entering the date 15/07 in the AP purchase invoices list and then clicked export the system would then export the list with the current filters attached.

Sage Intacct Tips - Export Button

To clear a filter at any time, click ‘Clear all filters’ at the top of the list view.

Sage Intacct Tips - Clear Filters

Sage Intacct Bookmarks

We know workdays can sometimes get hectic which can take you away from what you are doing. A nice feature Sage Intacct has to help with this is, is the bookmark feature. It saves what you were doing so you can return at a later time.

To create a bookmark, you will need to be on the page that we wish to bookmark and click the bookmark icon in the top right.

Sage Intacct Tips - Bookmarks Button

From here you can ‘Bookmark this page’ and enter a name in which you can leave a short description.

Sage Intacct Tips - Save Bookmark

You can then access the bookmark section at any time by hitting the bookmark icon in the top right.

From here, you can also edit previous bookmarks or delete them.

Sage Intacct Keyboard Shortcuts

When using accounting software, we know you want to navigate and complete tasks as efficiently as possible.

Here are some great keyboard shortcuts which can help you do this.

Records and transactions

  • ALT + S = Save this record or transaction
  • ALT + Q = Cancel
  • Tab = Move to the next field
  • Shift + Tab = Move to the previous field

Line-item entry area in transactions

  • Ctrl + Down Arrow = Open a line-item detail area
  • Ctrl + Up Arrow = Close a line-item detail area
  • Alt + Down Arrow = Move to the next line item, or next detail area if open
  • Alt + Up Arrow = Move to the previous line item, or previous detail area if open

Those are some of my favourite shortcuts you can use, you can view the full list if you want to check out some more.

Looking for more tips and tricks?

Unfortunately, that’s all the tips and tricks I have for you today! If you’re looking for more useful tips when using Sage Intacct, check out our Navigating Sage Intacct blog. Keep your eyes peeled for more blogs to help you get the most out of your Sage Intacct system!

If you don’t currently have Sage Intacct and you are here to learn more about it, why not check out our Sage Intacct coffee break demo, the demo is on-demand so you can watch it in your own time, click here to watch. We have a range of Sage Intacct on-demand webinars that you may find useful, you can access them, here.

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