How to navigate your way around Sage Intacct

In Sage Intacct by Owen Perkins

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Whether this is your first time using the product or you are just looking for a quick refresh, we will be touching base on all areas within Sage Intacct when it comes to navigation. We know it can be tricky sometimes to find your way around a new accounting system, but hopefully, this article should help you settle into your new system in no time.

The amazing thing about Sage Intacct is that it was built with you in mind. This means when you are navigating around the software, you will be able to get to grips quickly and easily.

Sage Intacct Home Page

A good place to start off is with the home page. You will be directed here once you login to your environment. From here you can access your Applications in two ways, the first would be to navigate to an Application Dashboard. This is done by clicking one of the homepage quick links which will present a plethora of options for the given application you have selected.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Sage Intacct Homepage

On the company dashboard page, you will be presented with the main contents of the application, but not all of them. It is good to keep that in mind if you are looking for a specific section.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Application Dashboard

So how do I see all of my application’s contents?

For example, within the company section, you have email templates. However, you would not be able to navigate to the email templates screen from the dashboard. If we wanted to see all the application’s content, we would alternatively go to the Application Switcher on the navigation bar shown below.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Application Switcher Intro

The Application Switcher presents all the application’s options in a text format instead of partial options shown on the dashboard. Using the Application Switcher is the best practice as it has all options, requires fewer clicks, and is available on all pages.

Need to get back home?

If you need to navigate back to the homepage, you can do so by clicking the home icon just here

Navigating Sage Intacct - Homepage Button

Sage Intacct Application Switcher

Let’s look in more detail at the Application Switcher; think of it as your hub for everything. When you click the Application Switcher, all of your applications will appear.

If you want the options for a specific application, click on its name and multiple options will appear. It’s important to note, sometimes there will be multiple tabs within the individual applications. So, if you can’t see the option you are looking for straight away, don’t worry, it will most likely be on a different tab. For example, we have the ‘Setup’ tab, but we also have the ‘Admin’ tab which will show additional options.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Application Switcher Details

This example is only applicable to Administrators, but it’s good to know you can have multiple tabs within applications.

Useful Tip: Within the Application Switcher, the blue highlighted section of the list indicates which screen you are currently in. You can also see this when the list is closed by looking at the top of the screen.


Another handy Application Switcher feature is that you can re-arrange your lists. You can do this by simply dragging and dropping.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Drag and Drop

Navigating to tasks, lists, and reports within Sage Intacct

You will be spending most of your time on your tasks, lists, and reports. So, we need to make sure we know how to use them!


Tasks are specific things you need to do, such as creating an AP supplier account or entering an AR sales invoice. For example, let’s create an AR sales invoice, we can do this by clicking on the Application Switcher > clicking Accounts Receivable > clicking the ‘+’ next to Sales invoice.  This will then take us directly to the entry screen where we would enter the information.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Entry Quick Add

Useful Tip: You will see throughout the Application Switcher multiple ‘+’ icons, these are all quick links to the entry screen.


Lists hold specific data records for the type of data selected. This can be informational records such as suppliers, customers, or it could include transactional records such as AR sales invoices or AP purchase invoices. For example, let’s view the AP purchase invoice list. We can do this by clicking on the Application Switcher > clicking Accounts Payable > clicking AP purchase invoices. This will take us to the list view of your purchase invoices.

Navigating Sage Intacct - AP Invoice List

We can do several tasks within list views such as add, print, reverse, edit, and view our purchase invoices. Different list views have different tasks available which will be relevant to the application you are in.

Navigating Sage Intacct - List View


Reports are either application-specific (ran from the application it relates to) or standard (typically ran from your General Ledger). For example, let’s run the application-specific report ‘Customer aging’ by clicking on the Application Switcher > clicking Accounts Receivable > clicking Customer aging > clicking Report. This will then take us to a criteria screen to produce the report.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Report Example

In this example, I will set the location to ‘100-Wales’ and click ‘View’ in the top right would then generate the report.

Navigating Sage Intacct - View Report

Sage Intacct Entities

If you are using a multi-entity company, you will need to understand how to navigate to each of your entities. This is important when entering records because the entity you are in will affect areas of the software. A good question to avoid inputting incorrectly is ‘Where do I need to input this information’. Once you know which entity it is you need to input, navigate to it by clicking the Entity Switcher button.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Entity Switcher

It’s always a good idea to colour code your entities to help with know which entity you are in. To do this, click the circle on the left of the entity name within the Entity Switcher and select a colour. Once you select a colour, the coloured line at the top of your screen will react to the chosen entity.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Personalise Entity

Still can’t find what you’re looking for…

That just about does it for navigation within Sage Intacct. It may seem like a lot now, but once you get your head around it, you’ll be a pro. If I still haven’t shown you what you were looking for, check out Sage Intacct’s Help Centre. You can access the help center in two ways, first, from the home page by clicking the Intacct Help link in the bottom right corner or you can also access it by clicking Help & Support in the top right of the screen then clicking Help Center.

Navigating Sage Intacct - Help Centre

I hope you’ve enjoyed my tour around Sage Intacct and all corners of what and where to go when navigating around the system! If you need any help or support with Sage Intacct please reach out to us and we would be happy to help! Alternatively, if you haven’t got Sage Intacct and are looking to learn more about it, you can access our Sage Intacct product tour, here.