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This September, itas was invited to The Belfry Hotel for an event organised by Sage. This was the Sage Intacct ISV Business Partner Day where Sage Intacct resellers such as ourselves were invited down to have some talks with some of the Business Partner Solutions which are currently available through Sage Intacct Marketplace.

What happened on the day?

The format of the day was ‘Speed Dating’. itas were able to request beforehand any Sage Intacct integration partners we were particularly interested in seeing, and following that we were given an agenda for the day, listing all of the solutions we were meeting with and at what times, so we were able to prepare and come armed with questions!

Upon arrival we had an opening welcome speech from Sage, this then followed on to us visiting all the different stands on our planned agenda and moving on to the next one when the buzzer rang. I could write a whole blog on each one and all their amazing features but instead will just give you the highlights.


We met with YayPay, this is a popular AR solution that a few of our customers are already using. YayPay offers solutions around collections management and integrates with your Intacct system, adding more functionality for your AR-related issues such as reporting, collections, credit analysis, and cash applications. If you would like to hear more about YayPay, you can drop me a quick email and I can arrange a demo.


The Yooz team was also out in force and we were able to chat with the team about the current customers we have using the system, some of the feedback we have had, and also what is new and coming in their product development. Yooz is a cloud P2P automation tool that is able to push and pull the data in your Intacct system. Like many of the solutions, Yooz offers a free trial so if you are interested in trialling we can help you get a 15 days trial, just get in touch with us!


A lot of our customers use Webexpenses, they have a super easy onboarding model and we regularly receive great feedback from users, especially with their expenses module! Webexpenses has the ability to take a picture of your receipts on their app, the key information is scanned and inserted where it needs to be and you can have a quick glance over it to make sure it looks ok and submit it on the spot to Webexpenses for authorisation. This means no more saving loads of receipts, losing ones you need, and then filling out forms, or worse chasing people to fill out forms!

If you would like demo video sent over, please give us a call or email at

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We also met with a company called Emburse, they also offer expense solutions for Sage Intacct customers and gave us a run-through of their prepayment cards. With these cards, you are able to upload a balance and give them to a customer for a trip or for an event and they can go and use the prepaid cards in most vendors to purchase what they need up until the balance runs out. I thought this was really smart as it eliminates the need for multiple company credit cards and therefore the risk of the company credit cards being lost, stolen or misused. With these cards, no one would be able to go over the limit set and you can also restrict where they can use them. We were very interested in getting to know these guys more and seeing what else their solutions can do, so watch this space!


Nectari was another solution we came across on the day! One solution they offer which we found interesting is for budgeting and forecasting. Now as some of you may know, Sage is launching their budgeting and planning module this release, but we like to make sure we have multiple options available to our customers so will still be checking out the features available from this solution.


Prophix offers up another great software solution that automates financial processes, including your Budgeting, Forecasting and Planning, Financial Consolidations, Reporting and Analysis, and Operational Planning. This is another solution I am looking forward to seeing a demo for and have lots of questions for them regarding the analysis and planning aspects. If you can think of any questions for these guys, let me know, and I’ll be sure to ask them on the partner demo!


One of my favourite presentations, which made an impression on me was from Tipalti. These guys deliver end-to-end accounts payable solutions. They allow you to make payments in a wide range methods and of currencies. This is a great solution for anyone wanting to make payment files for different currencies and banks, which is currently restricted somewhat within Intacct. They have all that fun stuff such as audit logs, tax engines, and VAT compliance, saving your AP team lots of time on the process!


So, we had a really great time at the Sage Intacct ISV Business Partner Day! I hope you’ve enjoyed my round up of the highlights of the day and I’ve given you a good insight into the various Sage Intacct integrations that are available! If you are interested in hearing more about any of these solutions then please let me know, or if there are any issues your business is currently facing and you don’t see a suitable solution get in touch with us and we will help you! Give us a call on 01824 780000, email us at or fill out a contact form here.

If you’re not currently an itas customer, we are a multi-award-winning Sage Intacct partner that offers bespoke Sage Intacct training and Sage Intacct support packages to suit every business type!