Sage 200 Standard 2022 R2 – New Features

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You may have noticed that Sage has just released their latest update of Sage 200 Standard. Apart from refreshing their brand and look, Sage’s main aspiration of having quarterly updates is to simplify your business processes by consistently modernising the software, helping you to enhance your efficiency and productivity.  The best part is you only have to open the application for the latest update to install.

Here are some of our favourite features from the latest update.

New Look

Sage has made some slight tweaks to its appearance and home screen making it easier for you to navigate and use. You can see the latest updates from Sage, such as the new features in this update. There is also a useful link to Sage city, where you can share your thoughts and ideas with the Sage community. If your comment gets a lot of interest from other users and Sage business partners, you might see your idea in the next Sage update. So why not sign up to Sage city and have your say?

Businesses registered in Northern Ireland and the EU should now be aware of the amended Intrastat threshold, those who exceed the despatch threshold now need to include the additional partner VAT and country of origin in their despatch reports.

Sage has created a useful guide to help you deal with this issue. To access the guide click on the legislation button on the home screen, then select your country.  Home screen

Order Tracking

This was one of the most highly requested features of recent times. You can now add tracking information to any of your sales orders. This allows you to see the status of shipping or proof of delivery. To enable this feature in Sage 200 Standard go to Settings > Invoicing and Sales Orders > Invoice and Order Settings, open the Printing and Tracking Tab and click Edit in the bottom left-hand corner. You should then be able to select the tick box to Record tracking on despatch. 

If you then go to Settings > Organisational and Financial > Maintain Couriers, you can set up your courier information and select a courier to be used as the default for your sales orders. You can also add incoterms to the tracking information. These can be set up under Settings > Invoicing and Sales Orders > Maintain Incoterms.

Maintain Couriers screen

When you are about to despatch a sales order in Sage, you will now see the below screen which allows you to enter the tracking information for this particular despatch.

Tracking Info

If you want to see the tracking information at any time, go into the sales order by viewing it (do not click amend order as you will not be able to access the feature from this screen), at the bottom of the sales order screen click Despatches. This then brings up the tracking information. You can then click on the Consignment No which is underlined and this will take you straight to the website of the courier and show you the tracking information for this particular despatch.

Web Portal Updates

Web Portal users now have the functionality to despatch Sales Orders from the Portal screens. As long as you have access to a device with a web browser you can despatch your orders quickly and easily. To access this feature, log onto the Web Portal and navigate to Sales Orders > Processing > Goods Despatched and Received > Confirm Goods Despatched.


Sage primarily focused on new features for the Sales Orders module and their new branding in this update. To find out more information on the latest update you can either click the link on your Sage 200 Homepage or click here.

If you want to find out about what Sage is planning on for the future you can click the Roadmap on the Sage 200 homepage or click here.

If you are not a current Sage 200 Standard or Professional customer and would like to learn more about the product, click here.

Remember, we have a library full of Sage 200 guides if you’re needing a helping hand with certain processes, just visit the link here.

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