8 ways to customise your workspace in Sage Intacct

In Sage Intacct by Sophie Galtress

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Whether you’re a new user to Sage Intacct, or if you’ve been using the platform for some time now, it might be handy to know some ways you can customise Sage Intacct to suit your needs. In this blog, I’ll be going over a variety of different ways in which you can customise your workspace within Sage Intacct.

Change your menu order

Sage Intacct allows you to customise your menus. For instance, if you’re constantly working within Order Entry, you can move this towards the top of your menu so you don’t have to scroll down to look for it.

It’s as simple as dragging and dropping applications in the application switcher into any order you want. By doing this, it will save you time and you can drag all of your most-used applications to the top of your menu.

Set up your Favourites menu

There are certain applications that you’ll be spending most of your time in within Sage Intacct. This is where the favourites menu comes in handy.

Instead of navigating around the application menu to find your preferred application, you can simply favourite the item. This means a yellow star will appear next to your favourites, making them stand out.

Automatically insert decimal points

When recording purchase requests, sending out AR sales invoices or entering AP purchase invoices, it’s so easy to make a mistake by putting a decimal point in the wrong place.

With Sage Intacct, you can avoid errors by enabling a feature called ‘Automatically insert a decimal point in numbers’ option. You can find this under the ‘Personal interactive behaviour’ section in your preferences.

Use enter to move between fields

When working on a stack of AP purchase invoices, your fingers will rest solely on your Numpad. Instead of having to take your hand off of your keyboard to move to your mouse to switch between the fields, or to move to the opposite side of your keyboard to hit the tab key, you can now simply press the enter key.

This allows you to save time by tapping your enter key to move between individual fields instead of reaching for your mouse or the tab button.

To change this option, navigate to your ‘personal interactive behaviour’ section in your preferences, then select the ‘use enter (not tab) to move between fields’ to enable this feature.

Always expand line-item details

Have you ever filled out a transaction perfectly and posted it, to be met by an error that says a dimension or other information is missing?

You have to remember to click the ‘Show details’ button because it’s more than likely that you’ve missed those three required fields. However, you’ll never forget to fill out that hidden information again with the ‘always show the details area when selecting line items’ feature. This will make it so that these hidden fields will automatically appear as soon as you click into a line item.

To enable this feature, select the ‘always show the details area when selecting line items’ which you can find under the ‘personal interactive behaviour’ section in your preferences.

Choose how many rows you can view per transaction

Sage Intacct only displays only two line items per transaction, by default. Once you have filled out the last line, it will also add another blank line.

There may be times where you regularly enter more than two line items on a transaction. Therefore, you can alter your preferences so that it will show multiple line items at load time, so that what you see in Intacct will match what you’re entering into it. Which, will save you time.

To enable this, navigate to your preferences and then define the number of rows you want to see in a transaction in the ‘transaction rows per transaction’ field.

Set how many items display in your drop-down lists

To get the most out of drop-down lists within Sage Intacct, it’s best practice to set your drop-down lists, so that it can load the maximum items allowed, which is 5000.

This will, in turn, save clicks and time for it to load your long lists. This will be so helpful in situations where you will have to choose suppliers, customers or contacts.

Navigate to your preferences, go to ‘personal page defaults’, then define the number of items you want to load in your drop-down lists in the ‘drop-down lists items per drop-down’.

Set your start page to your most used application

The home page is by default, your start page as soon as you load up Sage Intacct. Here, you can keep up to date on recent product news and releases. However, you can change your starting page to your most used application, allowing you to stay focused as soon as you log into Sage Intacct.

To do this, go to your preferences > personalise appearance > then choose which application you want to open on sign-in on my start page.


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