What is Sage 50c & is it right for my Business?

In Business Management Software, Sage 50, Sage Business Cloud by Stephen Stokes

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What is Sage 50c? Sage 50c is one of the most widely recognised pieces of accounting software in the UK. By the end of this short read, you will have gained a deeper understanding of Sage 50c and how it may benefit your business.

Where did Sage 50 come from?

The UK version of Sage 50c was derived from Sage’s range of accounting software called ‘Sage Sterling‘. For those of you old enough to remember the Sage Sterling range, it was first released in 1989 and continued topping the market up until the late ’90s. It was around this time Sage re-branded, tailoring their software to the needs of their rapidly changing customer base.  They eventually landed on Sage 50 in the early ’00s, and haven’t looked back since! The latest versions of Sage 50c have presented us with a new Cloud feature and MTD compliance. It is clear to see that Sage 50c is definitely one of the most tried and tested products on the market with almost 20 years in the making.

Who is Sage 50 the right fit for?

Sage named their software Sage 50c to advertise to its target audience. Loosely put, Sage 50c is targeted towards businesses with up to 50 employees. Likewise, you may have heard of Sage 200c, which is targeted toward a business with up to 200 employees. I know right, who’d have thought it was as literal as that?!

You know as well as we do, that the number of employees in a business is not the only factor for whether a software solution is right for you. Sage 50c’s target audience is small, medium-sized business. The type of customer really does depend on their individual needs and requirements.

Sage 50c has been on the market for a long time. People may assume that Sage 50c is an old piece of software. Yes, the software has been around for a long time, but for good reason! No matter what changes have taken place, Sage 50c has managed to not only keep up but lead. In 2010 Sage introduced their new “Cloud” capabilities widening Sage 50c’s audience, keeping the software as a front runner.

So, what is Sage 50?

If you haven’t already worked it out, Sage 50c is a market leading business solutions software. Under the umbrella of Sage 50c, there are four products available in the sectors of Accounts, HR, Payroll, and P11D. For today’s blog, we are going to keep the main focus on Sage 50c Accounts. The accounts package offered by Sage is an easy to use desktop software for growing small/medium businesses. Although the accounts software is only aimed at a business of up to 50 employees, the software itself feels as though it is capable of much more.

With Sage 50c a business is able to complete all daily tasks efficiently and effectively. Tasks such as taxes, inventory & stock, budgeting, cash flow, and invoicing. As well as the basic package Sage 50c also features some advanced tools which you’d expect from a larger accounting system. These include Module Level Security and Inventory Management.

Within recent upgrades of the software, users can use supported apps with Sage 50c and can also benefit from Cloud access using Sage Drive! Yes, you heard that right. Sage 50c offers the dependability of a desktop solution with the freedom of online sharing. Sage has built user-friendly mobile apps for many devices including iOS and Android. Within this day in age, having access to data at your fingertips from multi-device in multi-locations is a must.

What sets Sage 50 apart from the rest?

With Sage 50c’s target audience in mind, there are many other providers competing in the same market. But, how does Sage ensure they remain at the top? With Sage 50c being a market leader for many years, it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing! The long life span of the product has allowed them to take on board customer feedback and incorporate it into their development plan. The result? A well established, top line product for an extremely reasonable price.

Their Sage 50c Accounts software offers everything you would expect from an accounting solutions software and more. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular features available with Sage 50…

Sage Intelligence
This powerful reporting tool enables users to access their financial data in one easy to use location. Sage Intelligence allows you to view reports from your laptop, tablet, or smartphone without having to even go into Sage 50c! With a simple drag and drop designer, you can produce beautiful, accurate reports with ease. You can create these either from scratch or using one of the helpful templates provided by Sage.

Cloud Back Up
As we have already discussed, Sage 50c offers the use of online data sharing for your convenience. With being able to store data in the cloud users can gain peace of mind knowing their information is backed up securely. To ensure that your business is as secure and up to date as possible, Sage actually automatically backs up your system protecting your numbers! Another benefit of having a cloud activated software is being able to restore your data, should the worst ever happen.

Sage Capture
In today’s economy, at the forefront of protecting the needs of our planet by being a greener business. Sage 50c has a solution to reduce your companies carbon footprint by the use of ‘Sage Capture’. This planet saving app connects with OneDrive and allows a user to upload documentation on the move. You can take images of invoices, receipts, expenses, and other documentation and even link them to a transaction in your Sage 50c accounts package! With a solution like this, we will be paperless in no time!

As well as these great tools, there are many more which would benefit a businesses needs. These include Invoice Payments, Microsoft Pay and Transaction Approvals. Each of these fantastic features helps with your businesses cash flow and process management. With all of these amazing tools available in Sage 50c it allows you to spend more time on your business, and less on the books!


Sage 50c really is a powerful tool which will enable any small business to start on the right track. From everything discussed in this blog you should be in a greater position to understand “What is Sage 50c?”. If you would like more information about Sage 50c or would like our team to help get you up and running, get in touch. Our dedicated team of specialists spends their days transforming businesses with accounting software – they would be more than happy to do the same for you.