Is The Paperless Office Possible?

In Business Management Software, Office Life, Sage 200 by Kerry-Lee Rodighiero

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For 30 years we’ve been waiting for the dodgy scrap metal dealer to collect the company’s metal filing cabinets, dump them in the back of his rusty van, and drive them off to be crushed.  Whilst we’ve been patiently sifting through invoices, indexes, and information, all printed on thinly sliced pieces of forest, we are no closer to the paperless office than we were when the PC was born and people first started speculating what “the office of the future” would look like.

So here we are in 2018… have we achieved the paperless office?  Are we at least any closer?  Not by a long shot! The fact is, every decade the problem gets infinitely worse.  We are still spending hours a week sifting through endless rows of grey, rattling file cabinets and countless yellow file folders (you know the ones, with the curling corners) dreaming of the day when we will be able to find the pages we need in a matter of seconds. We still envision a day when computers will make our working environment streamlined and organised. Businesses are constantly facing pressure to improve efficiency, reduce costs and optimise processes.

Now we’ve all heard about document scanning and digital filing. Scan it and file it. Awesome right? Wrong! Content Chaos still dominates most offices!  Even with electronic documents!

In a ‘Now’ World when we expect information immediately, quotes in seconds and instant responses, companies who have just shifted their filing system from paper to digital are still suffering from the same drag on productivity.

We’ve only shifted the problem from trying to remember which folder in the cabinet we filed that darn contract in, to which folder on the darn C:\drive!

Putting information INTO a system is one thing. Getting information OUT is entirely another.

Companies with efficient document management systems to manage their paperwork — whether in the cloud or on-premise — operate at a vastly superior level compared to those that still rely on methods that harken back to the dark days of physical file cabinets and traditional digital folders.

We should work towards faster access to documents and information.  Employees should work smarter and be more efficient.  We want to be in a position to make better decisions and provide better service to our customers.  There is power in the domination of that C:\ drive!

Let’s leverage that power and exploit the value of information, in a way that is both realistic and achievable.

We must offset the financial cost against efficiency cost. We need to embrace change, utilise technology, get trained up, skilled up and prepared for a business environment that will:

  • Synchronise workflows
  • Integrate software packages
  • Deliver a level of effectiveness and service (that goes way beyond the promises of the prognosticators in the 80’s who first painted the paperless picture in our heads!)

Have we got your attention? We certainly think so!

Everybody knows the old office adage… “Don’t bring me problems, bring me solutions”.  In true itas style, we have a solution and we know you’re just dying to know what it is.

Paperless is Possible

Q: How many psychology professors does it take to change a light bulb?
A: Only one, but the light bulb has to want to change.

This is a light bulb moment, but you are going to have to want to change!

Because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”, doesn’t make it the best way. Or even a good way! This bright idea will streamline your administration, make your business more efficient, your staff more effective, and your documentation organised and accessible in seconds.

Think of your paperless future in 4 Magical Steps, each adding to the next:

Document Management
Automate your entire Data Input Process

With the Automatic Invoice Recognition.  Extract all the relevant data from source documents and significantly reduce manual data entry. PaperLess Professional enables you to easily go from the traditional and outdated Scan-to-Archive to the Capture-to-Process method,  which will reduce your processing steps by 40%.

Yes, you can stop there, but PaperLess takes it a step further. 

Document Approval
Streamline the document approval process

Within your company, while keeping a complete audit trail of the approval process directly linked to your transactions within Sage.
Powerful automation tools allow you to set-up automatic workflows and notifications.  Documents can be brought into PaperLess, have their data automatically extracted by PaperLess Automatic Invoice Recognition and then, based on the supplier, cost unit or department, have the documents automatically sent for approval.

Set approval rules, control what is being approved, the amounts users can approve and the deadline for approval.

Sound interesting? How about linking documents from your email?

Company Inbox
Do you want email document management automation?

Imagine having software that allows you to fully automate your document management process from the moment suppliers send you invoices by email until they are posted into Sage.

That is possible with PaperLess Company Inbox, a cutting-edge software solution that allows you to fully automate your Document Management Processes. From email to Sage – you check and click. Sorted!

Company Inbox is a powerful system that enables Sage users to automatically process all documents received by email by setting automation rules that are applied as soon as documents are received in Company Inbox email, turning document management into a fully automatic, faster and more reliable process.

Purchase Order Approval
We’ve got that covered too

Once invoices are brought into PaperLess the user runs the Automatic Invoice Recognition to automatically extract all data from the invoices.

When the OCR detects that there is a Purchase Order number on the invoice, PaperLess will check in Sage if there is a Purchase Order for that supplier invoice that matches the Purchase Order number on the invoice and, if it does, PaperLess will then automatically check if the amount on the invoice matches the amount on the Purchase Order. If yes, PaperLess can automatically match and close Purchase Orders.  Run the Automatic Invoice Recognition to automatically extract all data from the invoices.

Imagine all your Purchase orders automatically matched, invoiced and posted!

But wait, there’s more!

Non-Accounting Archive: Create your own tree of documents and search fields in folders that are filed, sorted and secured by user access rights at folder and document level. They are retrieved using the comprehensive search features of the metadata. Think bank statements, monthly financial reports, company registration docs, legal paperwork and any other financial docs you need to keep safe and find quickly.

It’s not magic it’s OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and you get to train it to suit your suppliers’ and customers’ individual anachronism, specific layout and documents.  You tell it once and it knows forever… okay, so that part probably is magic! To find out more about PaperLess and how it can integrate with Sage 200c get in touch with one of the team!


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