Sage 50cloud Add-ons – What are the favourites?

In Business Management Software, Process Improvement, Sage 50 by Stephen Stokes

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What are add-ons?

Add-ons are either a hardware unit that is added to a computer or a program utility that is used with a primary program. The intention of any sort of add-on is to expand the standard capabilities of an existing system. By using add-ons a business may find that their ever loved software can do a whole lot more than the out of box product they’re used to. An add-on is designed to run alongside a primary software. By doing so, the add-on should enhance the users’ experience and ensure that the product works more innovatively than the default.

What are Sage 50cloud add-ons?

Sage 50cloud add-ons work in the same way other add-ons work. They are there to make your life easier! Typically, these add-ons provide a business with additional tools to help manage the day to day activities more effectively and efficiently. With a wide range of products on the market, you can be sure to find something to aid with your business’s processing needs. Ranging from stock barcoding control add-ons to helpful Sage CRM connectors, there is something out there for everyone!

What are our favourite Sage 50cloud add-ons?

Here at itas we have had the opportunity to experience many add-ons first hand. Be this directly through our support team, providing first-class technical assistance on add-ons, or, through consulting with customers on-site. From being able to work on a varied amount of products, we like to think of ourselves as “add-on experts“. With there being so many different add-ons on the market, it would be too hard to pinpoint our favourites! However, let’s take a look at 5 products we see favoured among our client base…

We have found that our Sage 50cloud customers circle around the same 5 popular products. These are Credit Hound by Draycir, Spindle by Draycir, PaperLess, ExpenseIn & Microsoft PowerBi. Although there are many more add-ons on offer, our statistics show that these 5 just can’t be beaten!

What do these popular add-ons do for Sage 50cloud?

Credit Hound

Credit Hound for Sage 50 is designed to help a business with its cash flow, reducing the length of time it takes to receive payments from customers. Create automated rules and actions to make day to day tasks less labour intensive, reducing the chance of human error. With Credit Hound you can view instantly how much you are owed by your debtors in one quick glance. Take advantage of features such as automated rules, dispute management, ERP integration, reporting and much more.


Spindle is a time-saving add-on that helps reduce unnecessary labour costs. Not only does this add-on reduce costs, but it also helps save time! You could save as much as a week on administration time. This document management solution allows a business to send invoices, statements, remittances, quotations, sales orders and so on, to customers at a much faster, reliable pace.


Make financial document management a breeze with the PaperLess add-on. By using PaperLess, a business can add documents direct to Sage 50cloud using automatic invoice recognition. A feature like this will improve companies’ productivity levels and reduce the risk of human error. PaperLess advertises that their automatic data input from invoice recognition operates at an average 80% success rate. With a percentage as high as this, it’s easy to see just how this add-on could benefit your business.


ExpenseIn was created to be an all in one expense management solution. Quickly make claims for purchases, mileage and time directly from the app available on iPhone, Android and Windows devices. Take pictures of receipts and digitise them within the app… Once saved, captures will be stored securely for a minimum of 7 years. ExpenseIn also helps with data extraction! From the picture taken, ExpenseIn will attempt to recognise the important information, and add it to your expense submission. An add-on such as ExpenseIn will definitely save your workforce time, and you, money!

Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a brilliant business analytics service that provides a total view of your business. Use beautiful visual reports with Power BI and share them across your team to any device. The most fantastic thing about this particular add-on is that it is free! Yes, you heard right, free! This powerful tool allows a user to import data from Sage 50cloud direct into Power BI. In doing so, you can be sure to make the most of your business analytics.


There are some great products out there that can really complement your existing software. At itas, in some cases, we have clients who love their Sage 50cloud software, but they feel they need more… Thankfully there are solutions available that enhance the software, increasing its life span within an organisation.

With there being so many add-ons available on the market for Sage 50cloud, it makes it difficult to find which one is right for you. If you do need any help with understanding what may help your business, please use the ‘Contact Us” form below so one of our specialist teams can contact you.