Sage 50cloud FAQs | Your Sage 50 Questions Answered

In Sage 50 by Paul Newton

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Throughout our lives we all have questions… Being human we are naturally inquisitive and desire to know more, after all, as the famous saying goes, “knowledge is power”. In this short read, we are going to discuss the FAQs that surround Sage 50. Who knows, we may even get to the bottom of which came first – the chicken or the egg! That last parts is a joke, we will be keeping it strictly Sage 50!

Without any further ado, let’s dive in!

Is Sage 50 Cloud-based?

Also asked as ‘what does the “cloud” bit of Sage 50cloud mean?’

Sage 50cloud Accounts is what is technically known as a “cloud-connected” application – in reality, what that means is you still have to install the software onto all of your users’ Windows PCs and then by using the technology within the software you can designate a main site. At this point, the data is uploaded from here for others to connect with.

It was once described to me by a client as a “glorified” version of Dropbox, everyone is entitled to draw their own opinion and conclusion, of course.

Please bear in mind that when Sage 50 (or Line 50 as I show my age) was initially created and deployed the intent would not have been for use in our more technologically advanced, and in many cases, more remote way of working. Therefore 50cloud is a way of adapting and allowing some extra remote options for the existing customer base.

The Sage 50cloud main site has to remain in operation in order for the other “remote” users to maintain access to the most recent iteration of the data.

If you are looking for a true cloud experience then Sage 50cloud is not the solution. Better alternatives would be the “cloud-native” solutions such as Sage 200 Standard and Sage Intacct.

Click here to learn more about switching to Cloud Accounting software.

Does Sage 50 use SQL?

Short answer, no it does not.

How do I do payroll on Sage 50?

By using the “nominal link” between Sage 50 Payroll and Sage 50 Accounts you can automatically post your salary journal through to your nominal ledger. Reducing time and the opportunity for human error.

In Payroll you have nominal link settings, here you can browse to your Accounts software and then choose to use default nominal codes to post to. These automatic postings will go across to your Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss in your Accounts software, if you are happy with the codes then click ok.

If you wish to change the default nominal link settings whether for analysis on nominal, cost centers, or departments then this can be done in the overrides section. If you would like support on this then please reach out to our Sage 50 Payroll experts, here.


Does Sage 50 work on a Mac?

Another short answer, no.

There are some workarounds, the main one being installing a full version of Windows 10 onto your Mac.

Can Sage 50 work for charity and non-profits?

Absolutely, although out of the box the correct settings may not be turned on for this.

With the charity options turned on you can add SOFA categories to your nominal codes and run a SOFA report. You can also manage funds and show money going in and out of these funds by linking transactions to them.

You can also categorise your customers as donors and if applicable show that they have declared for gift aid on their donations.

If you have already got Sage 50 Accounts, are processing, and do not have this option turned on, all is not lost. Just call our experts here at itas and we can see what options are available for you.

Can I send all my invoices to my clients by email?

This is one of the most common questions we receive, and you’ll be glad to know that yes you can.

Whether using Outlook or a web email account your invoices can be configured to send out to your clients without the need to print, send to pdf or scan and attach to a new email in your inbox.

If using Outlook you can decide to send directly or for it to sit in your drafts so you can review.  Add any narrative or files you need and then send once happy.

Huge time-saving option and a proven way to speed up your incoming cash flow.

How do I manage subcontractors’ in Sage 50?

Once you have activated this separate module at an extra cost. You will now have a new subcontractor window that is linked to your purchase ledger.

Within this module, you are able to do the following actions.

  1. Verify your subcontractors’ CIS details with HMRC online.
  2. Submit your CIS return online to HMRC.
  3. Apply deductions to your payments.
  4. Make corrections and re-submit amended returns to HMRC.


I do hope this article has answered some of the questions you may have been wondering about Sage 50cloud.

If there is anything else you would like to know about this popular accounting software for small businesses please do get in touch with our team here at itas, you can also explore more about Sage 50, here. If you already have Sage 50 and are looking for some help, we offer free, downloadable Sage 50 help guides that you may find useful, as well as also offering Sage 50 support, which boasts no automated queues, quick responses, and friendly and helpful Sage 50 support specialists!