PaperLess: Automated Invoicing for Sage 200 Professional & Sage 200 Standard

In this webinar, we'll be partnering up with Steve Richmond from PaperLess to go through the PaperLess addon for Sage 200 Professional and Sage 200 Standard.

  • Introduction to PaperLess & Itas – A Successful Partnership
  • Advantages of PaperLess
  • 20-Minute PaperLess Web Demo
  • Q&A session, and what comes next?


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What is PaperLess?

PaperLess is a document recognition software that uses a technology called OCR (Optical Character Recognition.) You can scan, drag and drop, or allow PaperLess to automatically read documents like Purchase Invoices that you receive and this will then import the information from that document into Sage 200.

Those who receive a large number of Purchase Invoices (especially if you are matching these against PO's within Sage 200) should consider PaperLess, as it will free up your time and remove human error.


What is covered in this webinar?

Introduction to PaperLess
Advantages of PaperLess and why you should go paperless
20-Minute Demo of PaperLess
Q&A session, and what comes next