Sage 200cloud Report of the Month – Summer Reports!

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Often, Sage 200cloud users don’t realise that every month Sage release a report for them – totally free! The report released is one that has been requested by either the Business Partners; to meet the need of their customers or the end users themselves. This can be on anything from the Sales Ledger to Bill of Materials and everything in between.

To keep you in the loop, we are introducing a series of quarterly blogs which will outline the past three months’ worth of free reports released by Sage. We will be giving you an update on what reports have been released, the information you can get within each report with a detailed breakdown of the fields included and how you can run them. This will include screenshots of how the reports look and, most importantly how you can get your hands on them.

July – Price List (Base Prices) by Warehouse

Module: Price Book

The first report of the month we are going to look at is July’s. The report has been created for the Price Book and is based on the existing Price List (Base Prices) report which already exists in the Price Book. It allows you to report on Price Bands as per the Stock Item’s Warehouse. This is a useful report if you want to review the selling prices in different locations or warehouses of your business. The report allows you to filter on the Price Band, Stock Code, and Warehouse.

Price List by Warehouse

Price List by Warehouse

The report then gives you the results for the Warehouse of the stock item, grouping the stock items in their product group and price band. The following fields are available on the report:

  • Warehouse
  • Price Band
  • Currency
  • Product Group
  • Item Code
  • Item Name
  • Unit
  • Base Price
  • Price Per Unit
  • May Have Discount

August – Average Days to Pay Invoices

Module: Sales Ledger

The second report of the month comes from August. This report enables you to check up on your customer and look at who is the best and most efficient at paying you. It gives a simple four column report which is more than enough information for you to quickly scan your eyes over. The report allows you to filter on the account reference, transaction date, and full settlement date. Sage also added a nice calculation at the bottom of the report which gives you an overall average for all the results pulled through.

Average Days to Pay Invoices

Average Days to Pay Invoices

The report consists of four columns which include the following information:

  • Account Reference
  • Account Name
  • Last Transaction Date
  • Average Days to Pay

This is a helpful report if you’re looking for a quick and condensed account of your customers’ payment turnaround.

September – Sales by Nominal

Module: Sales Order Processing

The last report of the month is September’s edition. It gives you the breakdown of Sales by Nominal Codes. It gives you the quantity of Sales orders for your specified criteria and the value of these. You can filter the report by Customer, Order Number, Document Date, and Order/Return Status. So, if you wanted to find out how many sales orders are live on the system for a specific period then this is the report to use.

Sales by Nominal

Sales by Nominal

The following fields are available on this report:

  • Nominal Code
  • Nominal Name
  • Cost Centre
  • Department
  • Quantity
  • Amount

Where can you get the Reports from?

If these reports sound like something you want to get your hands on, then the article to download these is available hereThis article gives you access to the full range of reports Sage have made available for free. It’s split into various sections which include the Report of the Month and Archive, Free of Charge Report Library and the Wish List Report Library.

The Free of Charge Report Library are reports which Sage have created and made available to their customers download for free and accessible. These are listed under each other modules in Sage 200cloud for you to access and look through easily. The Wish List Report Library is similar to the Free of Charge Report Library as these are also free but have been requested in the Ideas Hub from Sage 200cloud Customers. Sage has made these available also for free and again have listed them per module.

Once you have downloaded the report you want, you can use our guide “How to add a Report to your Menu”. Please click here to see a full list of our help and user guides, including How to add a Report to your Menu.


Remember, if you don’t find the report you are looking for you can always speak with Sage and request a report from them directly. As long as you are a member of Sage 200cloud Services then you get three free reports from Sage a year! Again, see our list of help and user guides on how to request this.