Our Sage Development Team – Getting the most out of your System

In Sage 200, Sage Financials, Salesforce by Daniel Woodcock

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Here at itas we are always looking for ways to make your lives easier. A big part of that is our internal development team. We have a dedicated development team which allows us to offer bespoke solutions by creating custom extensions and integrations. Our group of talented developers have experience creating bespoke solutions Sage products. These include Sage 200cloud, Sage 50cloud and Sage CRM as well as Salesforce Platform Applications, including Sage Financials. So, what does this mean for you?

Sage 200cloud

We can develop bespoke add-ons for Sage 200cloud to bring new and extend existing functionality. We already have a range of custom developments built by the team. They include Bill of Materials Explosion and Multi-Stock Transfers.

The Bill of Materials Explosion add-on for Sage 200cloud, allows you to send the Bill of Materials (inclusive of its components) to Microsoft Excel. This is achieved simply through the add-on’s ‘Copy to Excel’ button.

Multi-Stock Transfer for Sage 200cloud enables you to move more than one stock item from one warehouse location to another. This is a nice time-saving tool to help you work more efficiently. The base Sage 200cloud system only allows you to transfer one stock item at a time.


Salesforce is a great platform designed to host all your business tools in the cloud, allowing you to access all your tools on the go. We can support a range of development opportunities for the Salesforce platform from add-ons for Sage Financials to Integrations to connect your separate business tools and App development, like our own Application FX Rate Finder.

FX rate Finder is an Exchange Rate Finder Application designed to automate the process of importing exchange rates into Sage Financials. This application offers a selection of reputable sources from which to get the exchange rates. This will save time on having to enter exchange rates manually. For more information about FX Ratefinder, check out our blog.


We are also working on an addon for Sage Financials that will add new functionality so stay tuned for more information on this exciting new product.

Software Integrations

You may have existing systems that you are comfortable using or provide a unique function within your business processes, but it might not be simple to use different systems in parallel. No worries! We can create integration tools such as importers for data files, or automated connectors to make both systems work together.

We have already created custom integrations for clients including connecting a weighbridge system to Sage 200cloud. This integration takes jobs raised in a weighbridge system and imports them into Sage 200cloud as sales orders. The integration also takes the weighing ticket information from the weighbridge system and uses it to dispatch the quantities weighed against the relevant order quantities in Sage 200cloud.


Our development team is always growing. This allows us to create more custom extensions, add-ons and applications to help you manage and run your business. Do you need any development work done? Get in touch with us now and we can discuss your custom solutions.