Microsoft Power BI

Power up your Reporting with Power BI

What is Microsoft Power BI?

1. All Your Data in One Place. Power BI connects into pretty much any application or data source. Whether your database is held on premise or in the cloud, Power BI allows you to safely and securely pull that data together. To name but a few data sources (as there are literally hundreds) you have access to sources like Github, Google Analytics, SQL, Azure, Mailchimp & Excel Spreadsheets.

2. Simple. If you have ever used Excel Power Pivot you will be away in seconds with Power BI. From the Microsoft family, the same easy to navigate familiarity is comforting. A drag and drop approach is used to build beautiful visualisations and reports.

3. Bespoke Dashboards & Reports. The whole beauty of Power BI is that users can create customised dashboards binging multiple datasets together. Whether these are dashboards for your eyes only or to share on the screen on the wall it gives a clean and accurate insight into the business.

4. Ask Questions. For a long time data has been something for the IT team to handle. Interested parties would ask the questions, then someone would go an dig out the answer. With Power BI's Q&A function, you are able to ask real spoken languages of your data and in seconds receive the data to answer your questions.

5. Informed Decisions Wherever You Are. With real time information you are able to make fast and accurate decisions about the business. Power BI's touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS, and Android mean that you can view your Mobile Optimized reports and dashboards from wherever you like. Ultimate visibility and control over your business.

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We have tried different approaches to management of figures in the past but none have been as successful and accurate as Power BI. Power BI, when set up correctly has the ability to give you live information as it happens within the business. We have been using the latest version which Kate at ITAS developed for us for several months now. It has saved time, improved accuracy and highlighted areas for improvement within the business.

- Rob Wood, Protech Supplies