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Protech Supplies & itas – A Power BI Case Study

In Power BI, Sage 200 by Kate Jones

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Here at itas, we love getting stuck into new projects with our fantastic customers. Back in November, we did just that when we began working on a Power project with a client of ours, Protech Supplies. We recently caught up with Rob Wood, one of the Directors to get some feedback on their bespoke reporting package! Check out the full Power BI Case Study below!

So, who are Protech Supplies?

protech supplies logo power bi case studyProtech Supplies are an engineering distribution company based in North Wales. This means a lot of the work they do is extremely fast-paced. Therefore, being able to track which orders and quotes are in the system is pivotal. Protech uses Sage 200 and were looking to get information out of the system, quickly and accurately.

Rob, why did you decide to look into Power BI? 

“We have a several million-pound turnover and with the change in the current business climate, we needed to keep a tighter grip on what’s going on within the business. We have tried different approaches to management of figures in the past but none have been as successful and accurate as Power BI. Power BI, when set up correctly has the ability to give you live information as it happens within the business. We have been using the latest version which Kate at ITAS developed for us for several months now. It has saved time, improved accuracy and highlighted areas for improvement within the business.”

What does the system do?

We developed a number of different reports for the guys at Protech, the main focus being the Sales team. Giving them visibility to individual Sales performance, profitability and progress towards collective targets was our main goal. We also developed in-depth Customer reports covering spend across months, items regularly bought and last purchase dates. Not only does this give the individual Sales Person an accurate reflection of the business but they are able to access it whenever and wherever they like! As well as giving the Directors a better insight into their team.

Rob, how has the system given you the freedom to do what you do best? 

“Originally we implemented Power BI so the sales team had clarity in their work, Kate has developed this further for us so our external sales guys can track their targets and customers, it’s good that the information is always live. We plan to develop Power BI further in the near future to replace our delivery schedule and provide reporting to the warehouse to improve our deliveries to customers. The system has greatly reduced the amount of time needed to get accurate figures and for the cost involved has been a worthwhile investment especially compared to other products available”

Check out the full Power BI Case Study in the video above. If you are interested in how Power BI could benefit your business, get in touch. One of our consultants will be happy to chat!