Purchase Order Automation: Power BI Overview

Learn how to implement and automate an efficient purchase order process.

Power BI Overview

Power BI is essentially your entire business, collected and visualised onto one interactive dashboard. By utilising the multiple, powerful tools that Power BI have to offer, in a matter of minutes you can build a clear 360-degree view of your business. Creating a dashboard like this is quick and easy, with the help of 50+ connections to popular business apps such as Google Analytics, you will have access to pre-built dashboards to make use of.

Analytics will be updated in real time, giving you live data about your business. You will have the ability to analyse important business data from multiple devices… wherever, whenever.

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Your entire company in one place

Once you have built a dashboard for your company, you will be able to access and analyse real time data on your computer or mobile device, anywhere, anytime.

Embed BI analytics and data in your app with Power BI Embedded service

By using Power BI Desktop, you will have access to tools which will help you shape, view and analyse your data like never before. Once your reports have been created, you can share them with your whole business in a matter of seconds using Power BI web.

Create remarkable visualisations of your data

Embed any of your reports, data or analytics into your apps without the time and effort require to create your own controls from scratch.

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