Outgrowing QuickBooks

Have you Outgrown QuickBooks?

Naturally, as businesses grow they eventually outgrow certain business process and software solutions. You start to hit problems, have to find work-arounds for challenges you face and it eventually leads to loss of time and money for your business.

It is very common for QuickBooks users to experience challenges around reports, integrations, budgeting, audit trail and project management. Quickbooks is designed for small to medium-sized businesses and as your business grows and becomes more complex you may start to hit these challenges.

Migrating from QuickBooks to Sage

The migration path from QuickBooks to Sage is a very common and easy migration process. Past QuickBooks customers realise eventually that it is hard for businesses to scale up on Quickbooks, businesses need an accounting solution that grows and scales with their business.

If you find that your consolidation requires manual effort or you have limited financial reporting capabilities, it may be time for you to look for a powerful accounting solution like Sage Intacct. In 2019 Sage Intacct was the undisputed leader in customer satisfaction on G2 Crowd. Sage Intacct boasts advanced functionality, intuitive dashboards, powerful reporting, an advanced Salesforce Integration and the ability to automate complex processes. Learn more about Sage Intacct.

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Sage Intacct makes it easy to give our bank the comfort to lend to us. We can confidently and quickly say, ‘our last three gyms ramped up and were profitable within three to six months,’ and the bank will loan us the money we need to get more locations open faster. I can deliver the performance information our lenders want in half the time it took me on QuickBooks, when we had much fewer entities to consolidate.

John Kalinowski, Planet Fitness

Using QuickBooks, we were doing a ton of manual work around rev rec, deferred revenue, billing, and reporting. There was no way we could scale up on QuickBooks. We’ve seen significant time savings in every process since adopting Sage Intacct. We would have needed to add 10 new people to handle processes that are automated in Sage Intacct. To keep doing things the old way would have been a staff-killer.

Joel Meriwether, Weave

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