Free eBook: Automate Your Purchase Ordering

About this eBook

The 'Automate Your Purchase Order' ebook takes you through all the steps necessary in identifying a bad process. Once you have established what makes a bad process, it's time to focus on what makes a good purchase order process. A good process is made up of many things, including applications to assist you and other methods. Finally, the important bit... what you can do to implement your own seamless process.

Along with learning how to automate your purchase order process, you will learn about all of the different modules and applications which can help you with this. These include Microsoft Power BI, Sage 200 Commercials, IMan and many more.

What you will learn:

  • Knowing what to order and when.
  • Negotiating with your suppliers.
  • Getting control of purchase ordering.
  • Monitoring progress of purchase orders.
  • Monitoring your suppliers and staff with KPIs.

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Learn how to implement and automate a good purchase order process. Having a solid and efficient purchase order process is essential for any business. The impacts of having a bad purchase order process will be slowing you and your business down. Also, leaving an inefficient process in place is bad for productivity and your business on a whole.