Power BI for Sage 200

What is Power BI for Sage 200?

The future of reporting is here. Power BI is best described as your business, all in one place and displayed on interactive dashboards using stunning visualisations.

Power BI | Immersive Reporting for Sage 200 - Sage UK

Power BI Case Study – Protech Supplies

We recently caught up with Rob Wood, one of the Directors at Protech, to get some feedback on their new, bespoke reporting package!

What is Power BI?

Power BI is a Cloud Based Data Analytics tool from Microsoft. It allows you to take data from a variety of sources and create quality reports, stunning visualizations &  immersive dashboards. Data analytics is pivotal for any business to making fast paced and accurate decisions.

Dashboards combine a number of visualizations of your data in one place, allowing you to keep track of changes within your business and progress towards targets. Depending on your data source, your data can be updated instantly or ever hour, giving you an up-to-date, real-time view of your organisation.

We are also able to link Power BI directly to the Sage 200 SQL database. This allows us to create dashboards that paint a real-time picture of your Sage data.

Power BI | Immersive Reporting for Sage 200 - Sage UK
Power BI | Immersive Reporting for Sage 200 - Sage UK

What data can I access?

There is a range of data you can access and in a number of different ways, the first way is through files. This includes Excel files, .CSV files and Power BI Desktop files. The second option, is through databases. They are numerous cloud based and on premise databases that can connect to Power BI. This includes SQL Server, Azure & Analysis Services.

Finally, Microsoft offer a number of standard connectors to Power BI from popular sources. These includes Mail Chimp, Salesforce and Google Analytics.

One of the best things about Power BI, is the ability to bring in these multiple data sources. You are able to see your Google Analytics data right next to your Sage 200 data for example. Also, you can now access multiple data sources within one dashboard.


We can produce a number of standard dashboards for Sage 200. These include Sales, Warehouse, Customer Dashboards. We can also produce custom Dashboards and reports based on your needs, which you can share across your organisation. Bringing your team together towards your common goals.

Anywhere, anytime

Have the ability to access to your business data anywhere, anytime. With the ability to access your data on mobile devices through the Power BI app or log into the browser site you can see your dashboards whenever and wherever you are.

Power BI | Immersive Reporting for Sage 200 - Sage UK

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