Research Report

The Digital CFO

The Digital CFO Research Report was written by Sage in partnership with the Financial Times and identified that 56% of finance leaders say that driving the company’s digital transformation further is now their top priority for the next two years.

In this report, you will unlock:

  • Why CFOs are prioritising digital transformation
  • How Cloud-ready businesses see strategic benefits in digitalisation
  • How CFOs need automation and modern processes to thrive
  • How the pandemic has changed the role of the CFO
  • How technology will impact key finance challenges
  • How lack of data can poorly impact finance leaders

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say departments are asking for digitalisation of existing processes
say the influence of the CFO over digitalisation increased during the pandemic
say the lack of real-time financial data and insights available makes it difficult to do their job
say that driving digital transformation is now their top priority for the next two years
“Those at the forefront of digitalisation understand the benefits that automation and cloud bring to the finance function. The rest of the finance community are very fast followers because best practices spread.”
Jonathan Howell, Group CFO, Sage
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