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The Ultimate New CFO 90 Day Plan

What this guide covers:
  • What can you expect from your first 90 days as a CFO?
  • How to build relationships and who to build them with
  • Set your vision and start making your mark
  • Impress the board to achieve success
  • Identifying bottlenecks, risks and areas for improvement
  • Are you reporting on useful things?
  • Delegating & defining responsibilities
  • Prioritising your transformation efforts
  • CFO 30 60 90 day plan
So you can:
  • Understand what is expected of you in your job role
  • Build a network of strong relationships and understand the perception of your finance team
  • Start working towards achieving your end goals, confidently
  • Build trust and understanding
  • Build a mitigation plan to reduce dangers to the business
  • Identify technology gaps and where manual can be swapped with automated
  • Produce accurate and useful reports

Your First 30 Days as a CFO

The first 30 days with any organisation can be both an exciting time and, especially if you are stepping up to a CFO position, a terrifying one.

  • Build a rounded picture of the company through research
  • Attend the onboarding & orientation process
  • Start by meeting your team informally
  • Gain an understanding of your team members hopes, aspirations and worries
  • Understand the internal and external perception of Finance
  • Build relationships inside and outside of your department
  • Understand what the Board wants from you

What does CIMA recommend for new CFOs?

In our CFO 4.0: Future of Finance podcast, host Hannah Munro speaks to Ash Noah, representing AICPA & CIMA, about the crucial steps new CFOs can take to change their mindsets and become more productive.


Days 30 to 60 as a New CFO

Once the CFO has been in place for a month, they will then have a clear idea of how they want to develop the finance function. Now comes the point where they need to understand the resources at their disposal.

  • Asses your teams skills and mindsets
  • Asses processes including bottlenecks, risks and areas for improvement
  • Assess any technology gaps
  • Review your reporting accuracy and what is being reported on

Are you Ready to be a Tech-Savvy CFO?

The pressure is on today's finance leaders, you, to become smarter, faster, more agile. Many businesses are stuck, using tried-and-true methods and strategies deemed to be working... but are you just coasting along?


Days 60 - 90: Starting the Shift

Days 60-90 are all about making your vision a reality and helping your new company make the break from the old regime to a more efficient and responsive future.

  • Align and reset your team
  • Delegate and define responsibilities
  • Prioritise your transformation efforts
  • Resourcing your transformation project

Jack McCullough, Founder/President of The CFO Leadership Council

"The first 90 days is a unique opportunity to establish trust and credibility, build relationships across the enterprise, and understand your new organisation's strategic positioning. Ninety days is approximately the length of a college semester, and CFOs should view their first 90 days that way: it is the best learning opportunity they will ever have with their new company."



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