CFO 4.0 Podcast – Top 5 Episodes of 2021 – Recap

In CFO by Sophie Galtress

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What better way to start the New Year than to celebrate our success of the CFO 4.0 podcast?

If you don’t already follow us on social media and haven’t seen our most recent post, (which you definitely should, and you can follow us here), we proudly hit 16,000 downloads last year, which is an amazing milestone for us.

In this article, we have put together our top 5 podcast episodes from 2021.

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The Essential Mindsets you need to be successful in your new CFO role – with Ash Noah

In this episode, our host, Hannah Munro, speaks to Ash Noah, who is Vice President, CGMA External Relations at the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants (the Association), representing AICPA & CIMA, about the crucial steps CFOs can take to change their mindsets and become more productive.

In his role as Vice President, Ash serves as a liaison to CFOs and CEOs to understand how finance teams are evolving and guides the Association’s initiatives to help management accountants create more value for their organizations.

This episode covers:

  • How different mindsets can enhance value creation and digital transformation projects
  • First 90 days as a CFO and why the right attitude will help to hit the ground running
  • What do current business environments look like for CFOs?
  • Challenges CFOs are facing and best ways to overcome them
  • The right mindsets CFO will need to be a success

Getting that first CFO role – with Andrew Waters

In this episode, our host, Hannah, speaks to Andrew Waters, who is Founding Partner of Zanda, a Board and Financial recruitment firm.

Andrew knows both sides of corporate structures, having 15 years of experience in recruitment and an Angel Investor role in various start-ups.

He and Hannah discuss the important attributes that make the CFO position so vital to companies’ growth ambitions and getting that first CFO role!

Other topics covered in this episode include:

  • How does someone gain the extra skills needed to become a CFO
  • What makes someone right for the CFO role
  • How is tech baked into the CFO role
  • CFO self-assessment and self-improvement

Your First 90 Days as a CFO and 2021 Predictions for Finance – with Jack McCullough

In this episode, we have a returning guest, Jack McCullough who is the Founder and President of The CFO Leadership Council.

Jack is the founder of the CFO Leadership Council, which is a global organisation whose mission is to Empower CFOs and other financial leaders through cutting-edge professional development programs and unparalleled peer networking.

He has also published two books, The Psychopathic CEO, and Secrets of Rockstar CFOs.

This episode covers:

  • How to make the most of your first 90 days as a CFO
  • How to position yourself as a strategic Partner
  • Key Relationships to focus on
  • Top tips for building a relationship with your CEO
  • Key Areas to Review in your first 90 days

What does the future of AI look like for finance teams moving forward? – with Raj Harash

Talking to Hannah on this episode is Director of Sales at YayPay, Raj Harash.

Raj is a whizz at simplifying and streamlining processes. He says that he can make collecting money fast, easy, and highly predictable by using inbuilt AI technology.

The issue of non-payment can be a sticky one, but Raj believes it can all be avoided if the right tools and software are implemented.

Topics Covered

  • AI and Machine Learning in Finance
  • CRM and ERP software
  • Integrating Credit Control into the business
  • CCJ and bad payers
  • CFOs and automation
  • Forecasting and predicting financial models

The methods of a disruptive CFO – with Victor Wong

This episode sees Hannah speaking to Victor Wong, CFO of Flipp, a planning and savings app that helps shoppers.

As CFO, Victor is responsible for leading the development and successful execution of Flipp’s strategy as well as the operational effectiveness of the company.

Prior to assuming the role of CFO, Victor established and scaled both the Content Operations and Finance teams. Leading Content Operations, he formed a 140 member team, working with 1,500+ retailers to deliver local savings and deal content to shoppers across North America.

Before joining Flipp, Victor spent eight years at Ernst & Young, six years in the Assurance practice, and two years in the Transaction Advisory Services group working on both buy-side integration and transaction diligence.

This episode covers:

  • Top tips on how to support a finance team
  • Creating realistic mission statements
  • The symbiotic relationship between a CFO and their team
  • Listening to new ideas and implementing them effectively
  • Building an environment of collaboration and engendering new disruptive mentalities


We hope you have enjoyed listening to these episodes!

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