Maximise Productivity this Summer: Top 10 Ways to keep motivated

In Business Management Software by Declan Bonar

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Picture the scene; the weather’s beautiful, the birds are singing, and you’re stuck in the office. Not too hard to picture is it! Don’t worry, here we are going to talk about 10 things to do to keep those summer blues at bay, and ensure you stay motivated during the late nights.

Go on holiday

It seems pretty obvious, but make sure you enjoy the weather whilst you can! If times are tough financially, go camping in your local area. If you’re lucky enough to have the funds, go on a trip to sunnier climbs. Let’s face it though, if this heat wave continues, you may as well go to the local beach.

Do your work outside (if you can)

If the weather is as good as it currently is, go outside and make the most of it. When my dad worked from home, he would always get a deck chair, bring the laptop and phone outside and get a tan on the job! It’s been researched that certain weather affects productivity, so get outside and enjoy it.

Keep active

You should be doing this all year really, but make sure you stay active. Play sports, explore the local area with family and friends, and get involved in the local clubs. It’s a great way to meet new people, as well as keep yourself entertained over the late nights.

Get involved in company events

It is vital to keep active within your work space. As such, if you’re asked to take part in a company fundraiser, get involved! Whether it be a cake sale in your local town for charity, or a sports day to raise worker moral, there’s no harm in trying new things. What’s the worst that can happen (apart from falling face first in the sack race!)?

Hold a sweepstake for a competition

The World Cup and Wimbledon may be near their ends, but that doesn’t mean the summer of sport is over just yet! As such, start a sweep-stake with your work colleges. It can get you involved with sports you never would have thought of. Your luck can’t be as bad as mine, as Egypt didn’t do as well as I hoped in Russia!

Spend time with the kids

Make sure that you make the most of the time with your kids whilst you can, they’re only young once! It can be a hectic time over the summer for parents, but there’s always time for a family BBQ in the back garden. Get some of your colleges and their children down and share the workload. It’s a great way to bond with your fellow workers and your children. If Homer Simpson can find some time, I’m sure you’ll be able to!

Get some music on in the office

If you feel like you’re going to die of boredom, with the only sounds you can hear are the clicking of mouse’s and the tippy tapping on keyboards, get some headphones on and get in the zone. Alternatively, get an office speaker and whack on a bit of Beyoncé (just make sure no-one tries to hit the high note of Halo, it won’t end well for anyone!). Whether you’re listening to Bastille, Muse or Martin Garrix, music in moderation can increase motivation and productivity. So put your favourite album on, get in the grove, keep calm and carry on.

Chat with fellow workers (in moderation)

It’s tough sitting indoors whilst the sun’s glaring outside, so to keep motivated, have a chat with the people around you. That key word, MODERATION, comes to mind again here though! Don’t talk the day away leave work on the back burners. Make sure you find a happy medium, where work takes priority, but you have some time to talk. In the end, your employer isn’t paying you to chat with your colleges. However, if chatting once and a while raises your motivation, and as a result your productivity, do it. Just make sure your employer doesn’t mind too much!

Go to a festival

Going to a festival can be an unforgettable experience, whether it be your local one or Glastonbury. It can be a great alternative to a big expensive holiday, and can make memories for a lifetime. Most people don’t go solely for the music, but the atmosphere. I went to Leeds festival in 2015 and saw Panic At The Disco perform Bohemian Rhapsody. 75,000 people singing to one of the greatest songs ever written, truly unforgettable!  Please do drink responsibly though (I sure know I should have!).

Go support your favourite sports team

I am an avid Liverpool Football Club fan. Whenever I get the chance to go see them, I jump at the opportunity! It’s a great way to take your mind off work, and for me is the best way to keep myself motivated due to my love for the beautiful game. However, it may be rather expensive to see teams like Liverpool on a regular basis. Hence, go see your local team play, mine being Wrexham. The quality on show may not be as high, but that doesn’t mean the passion exhibited there is any less than a top quality side.


So there you have it, 10 things to do to make sure you stay motivated and productive over the summer months. For tips to stay motivated over the early nights, refer to our guide “6 ways to stay productive in the office this winter!”.Please remember that this list is in a random order. There’s no step by step guide. Just make sure you have fun over the summer months. The late nights are made for it!