Which Sage Product is right for you?

Figuring out the right accounting software for your business can be tough, particularly when there are a few options. It is so important to ensure you are using the right software, it can be the difference between gaining good productivity and visibility across your business.

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Which Sage Product is right for your business?

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Why picking the right solution is so important

Whether you're seeing signs you've outgrown your current system, or you know the time is coming, the implications of staying on a system that can no longer fulfil your business's needs can be costing you more than you think. However, you're faced with the daunting task of 'what next?', a task that can lead people to ignore the warning signs. Choosing the right solution for your business is so important because you need software that can support you, grow and scale with you and provide the features and functionality to accelerate your business's success.

Signs you've got the wrong solution

Lack of visibility
You struggle to get real-time or in-depth information across your customers, products, companies, contracts or projects. Reporting is very time-consuming to produce and you mainly work from spreadsheets.
Scalability issues
Being held back by slow or struggling systems can impact business growth. Some finance systems have limitations such as volumes of invoices, bank statement lines and purchase transactions, if you come close to these limitations, it's time to consider your options.
Manual processes
If your processes are overly manual and inefficient it is worth reviewing the time you are spending managing these processes. If those processes were automated or simpler, what more valuable tasks could you instead work on?
Data integrity
Finance teams should be able to trust their data. If you are constantly having to check and reconcile, worry things may have been changed without you knowing, this is only going to get worse as the business grows. Data controls, audit trails and validation can help you start to trust your data.
Data in spreadsheets
We all know the dangers of storing data in spreadsheets. Time-consuming, risk of human error and mistakes, collaboration limitations and out-of-date reporting are just some of the reasons we help businesses move away from relying on spreadsheets.

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