Sage One – Which One is for you?

In Sage One by Mark Armstrong

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Sage One offers three different products, two of which can even link together to make your life just that little bit easier! So what are the products on offer and which one is most suitable for your business? Well first let’s take a look at the most basic of the three products, Cashbook.


Sage One Cashbook allows you manage your customer and supplier details all in one place, meaning that you can ensure you build the best possible relationship with them for repeat business. You can even record notes against them, guaranteeing you keep all information with that contact up to date. Keep on top of your cash with several easy to use and handy features such as:

 Recording income as either a Bank or Cash transaction
 A list of all transactions on your screen with just the click of a button
 Cash Flow Summary reports allow you a more detailed view of your current financial position

With these features and many more, there’s no excuse to not keep on top of your finances! In addition, all of this is accessible from anywhere at any time, providing you have an internet connection. Invite your accountant to join your online accounting world, making those long boring meetings much quicker and a lot easier to follow.

Next we’ll take a look at a very handy accounting tool for any business with up to 15 employees, Payroll.


Ever get overwhelmed when it comes to payday for your employees? Find it difficult to remember who you owe, what to and when? Concerned your under or overpaying? Well look no further than Sage One Payroll.

As we get more and more customers, we need to hire more and more people to ensure we run as effectively as possible, but having more people on the books can be a real headache at times. Legislation often changes and we need to ensure we’re always on top of any changes, something many managers just don’t have time to do. This is where Sage One Payroll comes into play, don’t get yourself stressed out when you hear a change in the law regarding pay, as Sage One automatically updates when these changes come into effect. On top of this, Sage One offers a few other handy features:

 Produce professional payslips automatically, keeping employees and yourself happy every payday.
 Pay employees where you are at any time of the day, no need to fret if you remember it’s payday after the days finished!
 Incredibly simple design helps you manage up to 15 employees, taking a load off your mind and time

As you can see, Sage One can enable you and your business to run more smoothly than ever before, keeping yourself, employees, accountant and the tax man happier than ever!

Finally let’s take a look at the most comprehensive package Sage One has to offer, Accounting.


You know that feeling when you sit down with your accountant, eyes feeling heavy, nearing the end of another 60 hour week, all you want to do is go home. You get handed pieces of paper left right and centre, and your accountant starts speaking in what you assume is a foreign language. But this shouldn’t be the way a meeting with your accountant goes, wouldn’t you rather have all your sales and purchases in one place?

Have access to a wide variety of reports and various pieces of data at the click of a button? And do all of this with a cuppa on your comfy couch? Then Sage One Accounting is the perfect accounting solution for you! Being able to understand your inner financial workings is vital to the success of any business, and having an intuitive platform like Sage One can give you a better understanding than you’ve ever had before. This particular product also features many other important features such as:

 The ability to create professional custom invoice and credit note layouts, all with just the click of a few buttons
 VAT Returns can be automatically validated with the VAT verifier
 Submit your VAT returns with ease, whilst staying up to date with legislation
 Create customer and supplier details, streamlining data entry and ensuring you can be aware of who you buy and sell from.

On top of all this, Sage One Accounting can be synced with Sage Pay and Sage One Payroll. Take card payments with ease and ensure your employees are paid on time and correctly, ensuring everyone is happy!

If Sage One is an accounting solution you are interested in, contact us to find out more!

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