The Top 5 Sage Intacct Integrations available in the UK

In Sage Intacct by Hannah Munro

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For those who don’t know, Sage Intacct is a best of breed financial system. It focuses on being the best at the financial elements but you get to choose the best tool for the job for the rest of the elements you require. A classic example of this is Salesforce. Known as the number one CRM globally, Sage Intacct can connect directly into Salesforce with an out of the box, configurable connector which doesn’t require any third-party software.

This example of the power of Sage Intacct integrations is one of the reasons that people are moving away from a jack of all trades ERP and onto best of breed finance. Because as your business flexes and scales, your systems can grow with you. You aren’t boxed into a corner!

So Intacct launched in the UK a few years ago and one of the questions we often get asked is are all the integrations that are available in the US, available in the UK? The answer is yes, a lot of them! But in order to give you some peace of mind, we have decided to do a quick rundown of current integrations we know (and very often have already worked with) and if you want to explore more you can always check out the UK section of the Intacct marketplace. If you don’t know what that is, see our recent blog on the Sage Intacct Marketplace for more information.

If the integration you are looking for isn’t on this list, don’t panic! Sage Intacct has a world-class API that allows you to build connections from any system and both pull and push data out. We are going to be writing more about the Sage Intacct API soon! Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog in the sidebar to make sure you don’t miss a new blog.

Sage Intacct integrations already available

  • Salesforce
  • Yooz
  • Prophix
  • Workato
  • YayPay

Sage Intacct integrations coming soon

  • Chargebee – Subscription billing management
  • Proforecast – Forecasting and Scenario Planning
  • ExpenseIn – Mobile-based expense scanning and credit card matching

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Salesforce – World Class CRM for Sage Intacct

One of the most popular integrations, this one is actually managed and supported by the Sage Intacct team and of course, covered by the Sage Intacct Buy With Confidence Guarantee. We install a managed package that creates a number of custom objects in Salesforce. The integration then allows you to configure the objects that you want to sync. This can include Accounts, Contacts, Invoices, Dimensions, Projects, Tasks and Contracts depending on the modules you are using in Intacct. You can even pop Intacct screens from within Salesforce, see what invoices have been paid and pull an aged debt list for a customer! In addition, we also have an inbuilt integration with Salesforce Chatter or Collaborate as we call it, which allows note-taking and communication between finance and other teams. If you would like to learn more, check out our video below or look at our Sage Intacct and Salesforce page for more detailed info.

Yooz – AP Automation for Sage Intacct

Yooz is one of the most popular integrations we work with, incredibly simple and easy to set up and you can get rid of manual entry and automate your invoice processing. The ultimate solution for Sage Intacct AP Automation.

Yooz can automatically scan supplier invoices from an email inbox and other locations and the system will auto code, match them against a PO and enter them as purchase invoices in Sage Intacct. Its inbuilt AI continues to learn and develop to work ever closer to that fully automated finance department!

One of the great things about Yooz is that it scales, the pricing is based on volume and it can be installed and implemented in a matter of weeks. If you would like to learn more check out our video below.

Prophix – Budgeting and Planning for Sage Intacct

A fantastic solution for when you need complex budgeting and planning capabilities! Prophix manages:

  • Forecasting
  • Expense planning
  • Personnel planning
  • Operational planning
  • Sales & revenue planning
  • Project planning
  • Cash planning
  • Capital expense planning

All in one solution.

Collect all the information in one system and use the advanced BI and AI tools to build a more collaborative and automated planning process.

Workato – Integrate Sage Intacct with Other Applications

If you are looking to integrate Sage Intacct or get additional automation capabilities then this is the tool for you!

Workato is both an integration and a BPA (Business Process Automation platform), designed to help business connect and automate the different systems around your business and taking another step towards that automated finance team!

Workato allows you to build custom workflows to connect different platforms and set up automated triggers and actions to keep things moving. Examples of connections that are available include:

  • Stripe
  • Hubspot
  • Slack
  • Jira
  • Asana
  • Concur
  • Outlook
  • Teams

So if you are looking to connect different systems into Intacct or build your own workflows, Workato is the tool for you!

YayPay – Credit Control for Sage Intacct

Are you looking to automate your credit control? To use AI to predict payment problems and forecast cash in?

Build standardised workflows that do the administration side of credit chasing so your team can spend more time on the phone and improving collection rates.

Collect payments, allow customers to self serve as well as getting access to AI capabilities that quickly identify issues before they become a problem and give you real-time visibility of what’s happening within your credit control team.

So if you are looking to build an automated credit control team then YayPay with Sage Intacct is the perfect solution for you!


Well, we hope you found this blog useful! And please do share your ideas for other topics to and if you would like to talk more about the Sage Intacct Integrations we’ve mentioned above please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, the UK’s top Sage Intacct Implementation Partner!

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