Sage 50 Projects Module

  • Monitor project costs
  • Easily manage all of your projects
  • Build parent and child project structures

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What is the Sage 50 Projects module?

The Projects module is only available on Sage 50cloud Accounts Professional and allows you to be able to maintain accurate details on any projects you may have in the business to help you track, monitor, and evaluate any costs incurred.
Manage all of your projects within one module
Evaluate your projects using a suite of pre-built reports
Log resources and time to your projects in real-time
Ability to have parent and child projects all in one place for analysis

Why should you use Sage 50's Projects module?

By using the Projects module you can enter and monitor all of the costs associated with a project. You can even add non-financial credits and charges to reflect any real-life events in the life of that project. Not only does this give you real-time reporting, but you can also review and adjust any future work that may be similar to ensure a profit is made at all times. Once used as the main tool for evaluating your projects you will then be able to mitigate any costly overruns by having tight control over expenditure, using the module also allows you to track non-profitable or in-house projects.

Features included in the Sage 50 Projects module

  • Get a simple, summarised view of your projects with the ability to drill down into costs, sales, and budgets.

  • Drill down to purchase orders, sales orders, purchase invoices, stock transactions, and any related documents.

  • Build your own parent and child project structure and link costs across projects.

  • Store all of your project information in one system with the ability to add some custom fields.

Sage 50 Project Record Analysis
  • Enter budgets against projects per cost type.

  • Get visibility of commitments to projects by linking projects via purchase orders.

  • Issue stock items to a project or record stock costs via purchase order.

  • Upload emails and documents that are related to the project via the memo tab.

Industries that benefit from the Sage 50 Projects module

Keep track of your builds and resources in one simple module.
Track your production using the module to ensure a profit is being made.
Professional Services
Add time and expenses to your projects to gain full insight.

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