Sage 50cloud Payroll – Does it pay to use a payroll software?

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What is everybody’s favourite day of the month? I know what mine is, payday! Without a system like Sage 50cloud Payroll, the nations favourite day wouldn’t exist. Now, what kind of world would that be? A very sad one, that’s for sure! Let’s dive straight into everything “Sage Payroll”.

What is Sage 50cloud Payroll?

I can hear you saying, “the clues in the name”, and you’re right! We are literally told what this product is, purely by its name! Sage 50cloud Payroll is a solution which allows small to medium-sized businesses complete a compliant payroll effectively and efficiently. The use of such a renowned software will allow for effortless payroll production, giving you, and your employees’ peace of mind.

Not only can you turn around quick payroll tasks, but you can actually do a whole lot more. There are many powerful tools available to use within Sage 50cloud Payroll. These additional features, alongside its powerful core, are the reason that over half of businesses in the UK pay their people with Sage Payroll. Yes, you heard that right, half of the UK’s businesses use Sage Payroll! With statistics like these, you would be crazy not to consider using Sage Payroll.

What sets Sage 50cloud Payroll apart from the rest?

Being an extremely user-friendly system, it is no surprise that Sage 50cloud Payroll tops the market. With it’s automated checks and built-in tools, your payroll will be done accurately and quickly. As well as performing in payroll submission, Sage 50cloud Payroll actually offers much more. You can connect your workforce directly to the system through the use of Sage’s cloud capabilities. Allow your employees to connect via mobile, tablet or desktop to access payslips, P60s and other key payroll documentation.

This powerful payroll solution grants a user with the tools to create dynamic reports. By producing valuable reports you can ensure that you stay in control of your staff costs by viewing who, how much and when your employees are paid. With a 360 degree view of your businesses payroll, you can ensure that vital future decisions are made based on factual data rather than gut instincts. In addition to these features, Sage also offers one-click HMRC submissions, simple auto-enrolment, and award-winning support!

How can Sage 50cloud Payroll benefit my business?

Any working relationship is based on the foundation that you will be paid for the work you do. This agreement is made at the point of employment and initiates a bond between the employee and employer. As soon as there are any form of implications in receiving payment, a business runs the risk of breaking their bond with their employee. This could be bad news for an organisation and cause poor productivity from its workforce. After all, ‘a company is only as good as its people‘! By implementing a product such as Sage 50cloud Payroll, you and your business will be taking one step closer to employer and employee harmony. Something that even just sounds blissful!

The features available to use on this product save your business pockets full of time due to its automation. Sage have incorporated heavy automation in their payroll solution, meaning that your precious time is spent doing the important stuff. Automate tasks such as salary journals, pension enrolment, and complex legislation checks to give you and your business peace of mind.

How do I implement Sage 50cloud Payroll?

In order to implement the product, first, you have to buy it! Currently, Sage 50cloud Payroll is on the market for as little as £19.50 + VAT per month*. A price as small as this for a compliant software with the latest HMRC legislation, online payroll submission, and free telephone support, in my opinion, is a steal! As well as the aforementioned, also included in this great price are unlimited payroll documentation like payslips and P60s.

With this being a product created by Sage, it integrates with Sage 50, Sage 200 and TASBooks. This is done so via a ‘nominal link’. This prevents duplication of work and lessens the chances of human error. With this added boost of protection, you can be sure that your books match your payroll.

As well as integrations, Sage also provide the opportunity to export your payroll documentation to use within another accounts package. Through the use of data export, you can enter the information into your accounts solution software. Export via CSV file or PDF file and either import into your accounts system, or enter the journals manually. It’s as easy as that!


If you want to know more about Sage 50cloud Payroll, please get in touch! We would love to hear from you.

*Buy now to save 25 % for the first 6 months, then RRP + VAT per month. Customers paying annually will receive 25% discount for 6 months followed by RRP + VAT for the remaining 6 months. Terms and conditions apply. Offer only available to new customers.

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