Is your Sage 50 Accounts Data becoming a Monster?

In Business Management Software, Sage 50 by Paul Newton

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As we head into Halloween and the nights close in, this is a perfect time to look at how our Sage 50 software is performing. Maybe it is time to consider any recent or consistent Paranormal Activity.

Would you like to play a game?

Have you ever said, thought, or muttered things like this?

  • “Why am I now waiting on the batch screens to save?”
  • “How is it taking so long to switch from screen to screen?”
  • “My check data and back-ups are now huge and take forever to do”
  • “I make all my colleagues cup of tea now whilst it reconciles, it takes that long!”
  • “Do I need to start again?”
  • “Have we outgrown this software?”

If you have, you certainly are not alone, and I do not mean in calling your local Ghostbusters kind of way!

My take?

All of the questions above I’ve overheard or have been asked to resolve over the past few years and often the solution from your support team or software vendor is to “upgrade”, “move to the cloud”, “buy new hardware”, “upgrade your server or network speed” and even the old, “it’s normal for this to happen”.

Now I’m not saying that is bad advice or wrong, as there is always an element of truth in looking at your infrastructure and reflecting on the time wasted versus effort. However, it might not always be the case one hundred percent. In my experience, there is more than likely a more suitable solution, and throwing more cash, resources, or time at it might not make the difference you are hoping for.

Just because your product is causing delays, becoming noticeably slower or your data is increasing in size, might not mean your business is growing at the same rate. But, how much time is currently being lost?

As a consultant for a Sage Business Partner, there are many things that can be done to reverse some of the issues that have reduced performance in your Sage 50 software and data over the past few months, years, or in some cases, decades and they are not all as scary as starting your accounts afresh.

Run Check Data in Sage 50

Use the Sage tools available to you. How often do you run check data? This is critical to maintaining the health of your data, very much the hero.

It is straightforward to do, honest!

On the top menu click on File and then click Maintenance in the dropdown box. Once opened click on Check Data.

Is your Sage 50 data becoming a monster - file maintenance sage 50 screen

If there are no problems a message will appear informing you of this, click OK.

Is your Sage 50 data becoming a monster - file maintenance - check complete sage 50 screen

If there are problems with your data then the following screen appears, this is the File Maintenance Problem Report.

Is your Sage 50 data becoming a monster - file maintenance - problems report sage 50 screen

We would recommend that if you have any errors or warnings that they need to be fixed before processing any further. Don’t be afraid, click on the link at the bottom left of the File Maintenance Problem Report screen. If you have comments only (like in the screen above) these are worth looking at but there is nothing that would stop you from processing.

If everything appears to be good, then click on Close and then Close again.

Still having problems with Sage 50?

If the in-built check data and any subsequent fixes or changes have not made any difference to performance or size of data then a more bespoke, personal service is required. We have a traffic light system that helps you identify if you have outgrown your Sage 50 system, to view this click here.

Things to consider

  • How many years’ worth of data is in your live data?
  • Do you reconcile off all VAT and Bank transactions regularly?
  • When did you last remove users who are no longer accessing the software?
  • How much time are you losing due to this?
  • Are you looking for a more stable hosted environment?
  • Is it worth exploring the Sage 200 cloud options for your business?


Your data is probably not a Monster, it might well just be misunderstood. Please try not to have nightmares and get in touch with us if you would like some advice.

Life After Sage 50

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