Power BI & Sage 200 - The Perfect Dashboarding Partners

In this 50-minute webinar, our host, Hannah Munro, talks all about Power BI and Sage 200, and why they are the perfect dashboarding partners. In this webinar, we explore:

  • What is Power BI?
  • Understanding standard reporting views and capabilities
  • Capabilities of Power BI with Sage 200 Professional vs Standard
  • What comes next?


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What is Power BI?

Power BI connects into pretty much any application or data source. Whether your database is held on-premise or in the Cloud, Power BI allows you to safely and securely pull that data together.

Why should you use Power BI & Sage 200?

  • Immersive Reporting for Sage 200
  • Powerful dashboards with stunning visuals
  • Access from any time, anywhere with the ability to access your data on mobile devices

What is covered in this webinar?

Helping clients understand Power BI and its functionality with Sage 200
Learn how to use this powerful data visualisation tool
Sage 200 Standard vs Sage 200 Professional and the differences
Power BI implementation, training, and more

“We have tried different approaches to the management of figures in the past but none have been as successful and accurate as Power BI. Power BI when set up correctly, has the ability to give you live information as it happens within the business. We have been using the latest version which the team at itas developed for us for several months now. It has saved time, improved accuracy, and highlighted areas for improvement within the business.”