Sicon Enhancement Pack for Sage 200c


What is Sicon's Enhancement Pack for Sage 200c?

Sicon’s Enhancement Pack is a collection of over 90 enhancements and utilities too small to be products on their own. These enhancements and utilities are packaged together to create a single purchase priced addon for Sage 200c. 

The Enhancement Pack  is installed, maintained and run within Sage 200c, all users should find the pack easy to use due to it fitting into Sage 200c like a normal Sage module.

Sales and Purchase Ledger

Customer, Supplier, Cashbook, Nominal & Stock Account/Item Prompt when creating new ones.

Auto check duplicate purchase invoice:
Automates the existing duplicate invoice check in POP matching and invoice entry

Maintain Spare Text 1:
Add a custom label and custom values to this spare text field that exists in Sage 200

Write off small amounts:
Write off all selected transactions with a ‘select all’ button.

Sales and Purchase Order Processing

Copy a Sales Order to a Sales Return:
Generate a Sales Return from a Sales Order Select a Sales Order and generate a matching Sales Return at the Sales Order process.

Order Processing Pop-up for SOP & POP:
Display special instructions or procedural reminders at the time of entry. Creates a new tab on customer and supplier records.

View SOP & POP account memo’s:
A button is added on Sales and Purchase Orders, giving the ability to view Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger memos.

View stock item history from SOP line:
A button is added to SOP line to show both stock transaction sales history and order line stock item for the selected customer.

Customisable Sales Order Status:
A facility that allows users to create a sales order status. From the view list, access the status and create a workflow by department.

Amend Sales Order lines dates in a grid:
Amend dates without having to open each sales order line and modify them individually.

Edit Purchase Order delivery Address:
Edit the primary delivery address tab on a Purchase Order – (not editable by default).

Hold Sales Order with Zero value lines:
Automatically puts Sales Orders on hold when a zero line is added.

Hold all sales orders when a customer is put on stop:
When a customer account is put on stop, the user is prompted to put all sales orders on stop. Sales orders can still be shipped if a customer account is on stop and the order is not on hold. When the stop is removed, all Sales orders can quickly be taken off hold.

View customer account enquiry from new or amend Sales Order screens:
From the sales order screen, fast track to open the Sales order enquiry screen

Show stock item description
View stock item descriptions from the Sales Order Despatch screen: an additional column is added to show stock item descriptions.

Override SOP nominal cost centre based on warehouse:
Set a specific cost centre per warehouse and the sales order cost centre will be overridden to reflect the warehouse cost centre that the Sales Order line is linked to. Useful for multi-branch sales locations, (cost of sales may need to be set to post to revenue cost centre in SOP settings).

SOP proforma account control:
Stops direct Sales Order entry and forces the user to create a Pro-forma and conversion to a Sales Order, for any flagged Pro-forma accounts.

Stock Control

Manage all of your assets
Easily manage all your assets in one location. Five depreciation methods are available with options for percentage and life in periods. Add your criteria to print off a variety of reports.

Retrospective Stock Valuation Sage 200:
Value historical stock at any date. A drill down shows every transaction, all movement, and cost from today’s date back to the chosen date.

Stock Take from Excel:
Run the stocktake and create spreadsheets for the stock count. Updated spreadsheets are imported and either adjust the stock values or post the adjustments with the correct date to stock transaction history with the actual costing method (not average) for each change made.

Customer Stock History Enquiry screen
Customer Stock History Enquiry screen is changed to a grid to make provide an option to ‘send to Excel.

Stock Location Wizard:
Allows for the bulk addition and removal of bin locations.

Import Stock Item
Import Traceable Stock Item Opening Balances [STK017].

Populate all Warehouses:
Update all warehouses when adding a new stock item.

Stock Update from CSV:
Stock is maintained in a spreadsheet and imported to update fields, including stock descriptions, product groups, prices, suppliers, search categories, warehouse and bins.

Filter stock item
Stock items can be filtered by supplier when processing Purchase Orders: only stock items linked to the supplier are shown on the stock record when raising a purchase order.

Nominal Ledger

Nominal Enquiry drill down:
View source transactions in Sales or Purchase ledger from the nominal enquiry screen, (includes payments and receipts).

Import Next Years budget:
Load next year’s budgets into the nominal ledger budget fields from a CSV file, (format is identical to Sage 200’s budget import

Cash Book

Adds a Tip function to the Cash Book Bank Reconciliation to use a second reference Tool. Displays when hovering over.

Sicon enhancement pack for sage200c - customer stock codes
Sicon enhancement pack for sage200c - view invoice details
Sicon enhancement pack for sage200c - customer popup notes