Codis Intellerator

  • Powerful interactive reports
  • Identify trends and make better informed decisions
  • Microsoft Power BI Dashboards

What is Intellerator for Sage 200?

Are you wanting to improve your Sage 200 Reporting? Look no further! Say hello to Codis' new product, Intellerator: Microsoft Power BI Dashboards for Sage 200!

Intellerator provides you with powerful, interactive reports of your financial data. With these reports, you can identify trends, and make more informed decisions with up-to-date data from other systems.

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The Power of Vision

Interactively report on Sage 200

From financials all the way through to commercials.

Reports across all Sage 200 Companies

 See all the total over all companies and filter to specific companies.

Cross-system reporting

Report on all of your Sage 200 data, and data from third-party systems.

Dynamic filtering

Filter an entire report by clicking a drop down or a bar in a chart.

Drill down

You can see exactly what transactions make up a chart at any time using the transactions table.

Output to Excel

 You can output the transactions to Excel for further analysis and you can also amend data via Excelerator.

Customisable refresh

Refresh manually or on a schedule.

Fully customisable

Tailor any reports to your needs (contact us to find out more).

Intellerator Lenses

With Intellerator Lenses, different users can access the same link and see only the Sage 200 data that you have allowed them to see. This data is fully configurable from Sage 200.

Imagine your:

  • Sales reps being able to only view their sales figures.
  • Cost centre managers being able to only view their cost centre's profit and loss statements.
  • Department managers being able to only see their department's nominal transactions.


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