Simpler Reporting in Sage 200 | Free SOP Quotes,Orders and Returns by customer report

In Sage 200 by Sioned Roberts

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How long do you spend looking at complex reports? Just to try and get the simplest information out?

Why do some Sage 200 reports look like we need a university degree to figure out what they are showing,when all we want is something incredibly simple?

Do you want to improve how simple and efficient reporting is in your Sage 200 system with our SOP Documents by customer report?

One thing we pride ourselves on here at itas is our close relationships with our customers and making sure we give our customers exactly what they want out of the system.

One of our customers always likes the reports to be ‘simplified’.

To do this we have a number of options:

– We can remove unnecessary clutter including lines and unneeded fields.

– We can amend the titles of fields so the headers are words that their company uses i.e. do you call them- Customers? Clients? Accounts? Companies?

The ‘simple report’ that I created for him last week is called the SOP Documents by and includes the document number, document type and the document status all grouped by the customer. I also included the Customer, Status and document type on the criteria when running the report to again only bring through the required information.

Simpler Reporting SOP Documents by customer

Simpler Reporting SOP Documents by customer

If you’d like to have this report to simplify your company’s reporting is please fill out the form below and we’ll send you the report free of charge!!

If you’d like any more information, Hints and tips or even interested in making these amendments yourself to provide your company with simpler reporting please get in touch as we do have regular Online Report Designer Courses.

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