Sage 200c Winter 2017 Enhancement Product Release – What’s New?!

In Sage 200, Sage Business Cloud by Nicola Joynson

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On support, we are continually developing our knowledge of Sage and other integrating systems. As you can imagine the amount of information needed to fully understand these systems is extensive. The support team’s knowledge has been made even bigger today with the winter 2017 enhancement product release. The great thing for our Sage 200 support team is that this release fixes a number of bugs which are currently building up our support cases. This means fewer queries and less work for us (yay!) and fewer problems for our customers (that’s you!). We fully understand on support any small issues can quickly take up time and effectively money when the system runs into errors.

Sage 200c has been built on improving customer experience and listening to direct customer feedback. Simplifying business processes is key. Improving the user experience to become more productive on a daily basis is what really matters. We believe this update can save customers time and money on daily processes.

So, what’s got me excited about the new Sage 200c Winter 2017 Enhancement Product Release?

Sage Contact

The Sage Contact new feature is quite exciting. With this, you can now view key financial information quickly and easily. For example, view outstanding balances, recent transactions, credit limit, all within Outlook. The benefits of this being you can work and collaborate with Sage anywhere you can access Outlook. That can be a smartphone or tablet, even if Sage is not installed on these devices. Exciting right?! Can you imagine on your daily commute home, being able to send instant responses to customers/suppliers out of office hours, when you are not able to access this information from Sage? With this new update, you can make this a reality.

HMRC Online Gateway Update

HMRC have confirmed that the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) channel will be decommissioned on 14th February 2018, with a new HMRC online service being used for submissions.

The Sage 200c update has been released with the ability to connect to this new HMRC online service. Customers on older versions of Sage 200 will need to submit their data manually, possibly costing you time and money.

Upgrading to the latest version of Sage 200c will be compliant with the new HMRC online service.

Bank Feeds Enhancements

With the new bank feed enhancement, bank balances and transaction details will be available in near/real time (once the customer has authorised their bank to do so). With this direct bank feed, (from the top high street banks) transactions will flow straight into Sage 200 automatically creating transactions within the bank feeds form. The bank feed enhancement can be set up by users, so all transactions must be authorised manually before posting. Users can create rules that enable automated matching, checking and authorising of transactions. The benefit of this bank feed enhancement is a secure, accurate and timely bank data that flows seamlessly into Sage 200. This reduces human error by automating activity from your bank into Sage 200.

Docs to Anywhere

Docs to anywhere have been introduced to give the ability to save documents and files to any configured location. It is available for a set of user-defined reports. In addition to the user-specified action (print, email) a pdf version of the report will be stored silently, to the chosen location. The PDF version is created when any print, email, quick print button is used to produce an Invoice or Credit, either directly, or from preview. Having automated document storage is a benefit also allowing fast effective cloud storage so documents can be retrieved anytime.


  • Budget History

With this update, it will allow Sage 200 users to record multiple versions of a budget. So, when a budget is amended the system keeps a copy of the original budget as well as the revised.

  • Check Budgets

Check budgets feature allows users to check the outstanding budget they have and what commitments are already in place when they are raising purchase orders. Having this will allow greater control of the overall spend by enabling decision making at the point of order entry.

  • Budget versus Actual’s report

Budget versus actuals is a new report within Sage which can be run within Services Extra to enable users to effectively track budgets and variances.

Cost Centre and Department Contacts

Users can now enter the contact name, phone number and email details against cost centres and departments. The users having access to this information allocated against these cost centers will allow the ability to email budget reports to the cost centre owner.

CRM Integration

Installing this update will now integrate Sage 200 with Sage CRM 2017 R3, benefiting from all the latest functionality from this release of Sage CRM.

Known Issues

35 Known issues have been resolved. These are bugs within the system that can cause the user to come across errors.

Want to know more about the Sage 200c Winter 2017 Enhancement Product Release and how it can Benefit You?!

Why not give the itas office a call on 0845 139 1300 and we can talk you through your options. Depending on the version of Sage you are currently running you can upgrade or update your current Sage setup by contacting our team. Feel free to give us a call or contact us if you are interested in finding out more information.