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How To Do a VAT Return in Sage 200

In Sage 200 by Hannah Munro

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Welcome to the How to Do a VAT return in Sage 200 blog. This blog will show you the ins and outs of VAT Returns, in detail with screenshots. This system is simple and requires no reconciliation other than making sure all transactions are entered into Sage 200. You can even submit directly to HMRC but this does require some set up – our next article perhaps!

The VAT transaction file does not require transactions to be updated to the nominal, it will register transactions even if they are in deferred postings.

To run the VAT Return in Sage 200

1. Check all postings for the current VAT period have been entered.

2. Go to Nominal Ledger/Period End/VAT Analysis.

3. Ensure the VAT Return period is correct

4. Select the Current Period Return tab. Any of the blue summary lines can be clicked on and transactions checked within that section.

How to do a VAT Return in Sage 200 Image - Vat Analysis Screenshot

5. Once all is OK, select the Produce VAT return button.

6. You will be advised that this can only be run once.  Tick and accept this box.

How to do a VAT Return in Sage 200 Produce - Produce VAT Return Screenshot

7. Enter the next VAT Return date and Produce the VAT Return.

8. You will be advised when the Return has been completed.

How to do a VAT Return in Sage 200 - Produce VAT Return Completed Screenshot

9. This will produce 2 files either on the screen or into the spooler (Depending on your chosen output mode) – The VAT Return and VAT Transactions.

This completes the Sage 200 VAT Return

We hope this blog was useful. If you are still unsure of how to do this procedure or would just like some more help, then click here to view our full library of Sage 200 User Guides and How To’s.

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