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Background on Sage 200 Suite

Sage is known throughout the finance world for its accounting software. A brand name in British business, Sage is used by over 800,000 businesses in the UK alone. Accountants and IT professionals recommend Sage as the brand of choice for growing businesses.

The Sage 200 Suite began its life as Line 100, progressing to Sage MMS and transitioning to Sage 200. The upgrade path between these products is normally fairly simple and easy. (We at ITAS always make it easy of course!). The current Sage 200 Suite has evolved from a simple accounting software package to a full ERP system, driven by the needs of growing businesses who want one system that supports their entire business.

One software solution for your entire business

The Sage 200 suite contains a number of out of the box elements that work across the business. If the system cannot do it out of the box then there is likely a module you can add on or it can be done through custom development. Some examples of custom development that our clients use:

  • EDI
  • Recurring Invoices
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Credit Chasing Software

This post is primarily concerned with the inbuilt functionality of Sage 200 but feel free to give us a ring on 0845 139 1300 to discuss any sage development needs you may have.

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Sage 200 is an incredibly powerful accounting solution giving businesses control over their finances. Accounting period control, powerful foreign exchange capabilities. Not only that but the flexible finance report set up means you can have a custom Chart of Accounts (COA) with multiple Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet Layouts. The integrated system helps the finance department minimise their time spent re-entering data. The in-built business intelligence tool provides an excel based tool that helps business analyze trends and patterns in their data to improve business performance.


Sage 200 CRM has inbuilt opportunity tracking and workflow capability. Ensure your sales team maximise every opportunity whilst minimising the time they spend doing administration. Integration with the finance package means that sales teams can enter orders without having to pass bits of paper and the order can be processed quickly and easily. Your sales reps can access their information on every device – iPhone, Android, tablet, and laptop – from anywhere.


Integration with Swiftpage takes your e-marketing to the next level! Use your own custom HTML or choose from the wide variety of inbuilt and easily customisable templates that come with your package. Easily create groups of contacts to email – without having to export huge lists of contacts. See the bounce and click rates from within Sage 200 CRM and create drip marketing campaigns to highly target interested clients. Track the success of your marketing whether it is through your website, direct mail or telephone sales using the marketing campaign manager. Quickly and easily create outbound call lists and scripts for your staff to maximise their effectiveness and get the results you want!

Customer Service

Ensure you keep your customers happy with Sage 200 CRM’s case management or complaint management system. Workflow your processes to automate tasks/reminders and to improve efficiency. Meet your SLA targets with ease using the escalation manager, automatic reminders and interactive dashboards. Share cases across your team and track progress to ensure you always deliver what you have promised. Integration with exchange and outlook ensures tracking customer communication becomes simple and easy and so your staff always know where they are at.


Take control of your teams whether it is finance, sales, marketing or customer service. Create management dashboards that display your own KPIs and are adapted to your needs. Limit access to sensitive information whilst still ensuring each team member can manage their individual clients, projects or opportunities. Reduce staff dependency by ensuring you have a track of all customer information and communication. Ensure you can forecast the sales coming in with Sage 200 CRM’s weighted forecast tool.

Do you want to know more?

Speak to ITAS – The Sage and CRM Specialists on 0845 139 1300. Our personal approach, honest advice, and commitment to their customers mean that you get the very best service possible, from those that have been working with Sage for over 20 years. Call us now!

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