Reporting Across Branches is easy in Sage 200

In Sage 200 by Sioned Roberts

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There are a number of things that are ‘easy’ in Sage 200. But users can only benefit from what they know. Sage 200 is such a powerful software, are you using it to it’s best potential?

Easy Reporting by default!

As Sage 200 is designed for Medium to large sized businesses, one of the benefits of the reporting is how easy it is reporting across different branches, as many companies have numerous!

As you can see below there are many reports by default that allow for reporting across Cost Centre’s and Departments.

Reporting across Branches is easy in Sage 200

‘Reporting across Branches is easy in Sage 200’

One Great example for this is the ‘Profit and Loss Report (MTD-YTD) by Cost Centre’ Which upon running the report brings you a criteria screen where you can select which CC are included if not all.

Reporting across Branches is easy in Sage 200 criteria

‘Reporting across Branches is easy in Sage 200 criteria’

And once you’ve selected the CC you want to include you can also drill down further and only include certain Departments in the same way

Note: If you are spending a lot of time putting the criteria in for each report why not have a read of another blog I wrote a little while ago explaining how to save your regularly used criteria?
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As you can see from the report below the Profit and Loss lines are listed for each Cost Centre and then there are totals for the selected period and the year to date figures along with the same figures from the Previous year for comparison.

Reporting across Branches is easy in Sage 200 report

‘Reporting across Branches is easy in Sage 200 report’


Do you use all these reports to drill down the Profit and Loss figures for each of your Cost Centre’s and Departments? Maximise your reporting capabilities by trying new reports today!

What would you change?

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