Easy Reading Free Report on Stock Details in Sage 200

In Sage 200 by Sioned Roberts

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Is there too much useless information and clutter on them?

Would you like your company to start producing reports showing information that you actually use?

I’ve previously done a couple of them, but have a read of why my free report of the month this month is one you need!

On some Sage default reports, there is so much information crammed onto a small A4 piece of paper that they are cluttered and it becomes time-consuming to export just the information that you want out of the report.

The report that I have built includes stock item Details. But just what I believe are the necessities to know on a Stock Details report.

  • Stock Item Code
  • Stock Item Name
  • Stock Item Status

All grouped by Product Groups.

Here’s a sample of the Free Report

Sage 200 free Report on Stock item details

Here’s a sample of the default Sage 200 Report

Default Sage 200 Stock item details free report

By using this free report not only is it much easier to understand the data shown but also should you choose to print the report you’ll use much less paper and ink than you would if using the Sage default.

This saves you time reading the report, money on the ink and paper and after all that you’ll still get the feel-good factor of saving the world by choosing the environmentally friendly report!!

To download our Simpler Stock Details Report please fill in your details in the form below and we’ll send you the report free of charge!! If you are not 100% satisfied with it please send it right back!!

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