Discerning the Value of Technology to your Company

In Business Management Software, Process Improvement by Kerry-Lee Rodighiero

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You know what they say: “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”

Here at itas, we say “… give it to a busy person who loves what they do”, and we love finding the value in technology. We get a kick out of connecting, developing, linking and plugging. We get a thrill out of being tasked with figuring out a particularly taxing application, and get genuinely excited when we solve it!

Technology is a passion

On my holiday I exchanged my desktop hard drive to a solid-state drive and added a second 3 terabyte drive; moved all my data to the clouds and upgraded to Windows 10.  Now to many people that sounds just like work. Or nothing more than a potential source of unending frustration.  For me? It was fun. I think it was a fantastic holiday! I loved every bit of it, even the Windows 10 upgrade. At the end of it, I felt significantly happier with my life.

That’s what we’re talking about! I’m not saying we hop onto every new technology or latch onto every new fad. It means we pay attention, keep our eyes and ears open and are not scared to try new things when they look innovative and exciting; or test them when we think they are ready. In our business, we continuously receive info videos, brochures and technology links to new applications to solve stock problems, make offices paperless, automate processes, better manage staff, auto-pay suppliers, manage debtors, give detailed job costing, track cash flow, deliver superior reporting, revolutionise manufacturing…. and on and on it goes.

(Keep an eye on future blogs, we’ll work through these to give you the inside info on the best of the best).

Choosing the very best

But there is never just one contender for the title of Best Stock Problem-Solving Application. We research so you don’t have to. Delving into the details is what we do for fun.  Now many of those are 3rd party applications.  Meaning they are independent companies who identify a limitation in the standard Sage product and develop something to make it better. Or see a gap in the product functionality and create a whole new add-on to fill it.  Some of them are quite brilliant.

Analysing options, testing outcomes and ensuring integration and accurate transition between the 3rd party and Sage is how we get our jollies.  Who does it better and why.  What’s it missing? How stable is it? How reliable? Sometimes it needs yet another connector for the two to speak to each other. Will it handle traffic, will it ensure data integrity, how about if the internet goes down?  We think about everything, consider the options and figure out what’s best for YOU.

But these toys usually don’t come cheap.

Let us do the hard work for you

This is why, wherever possible, we like to make an appointment to visit you and listen.  We like to hear what you currently use. How you are currently doing things. What isn’t working for you! We know something’s not working for you or we wouldn’t be there!  We get a thorough handle on where you’re at and give you a picture of where we think you could be, and then we send you a proposal.

It details the technology we recommend for your business to streamline your administration.  Technology that will make your business more efficient. Your staff more effective. And your documents organised and accessible. Smoother processing and better functionality will free you up to do what your business set out to do in the first place. Make you money.

Cost VS Value

The proposal has a Cost.  Not to be confused with Value. This is the part where we leave it to you to establish the Cost vs Value.

It’s easy for some.  In a world insisting on immediate responses, a sales-driven business (aren’t we all?) with a team of sales-people on the road who bring in a large chunk of the business’s revenue, would be considerably more effective armed with tablets to key in customer orders and give immediate quotes, with real-time access to stock levels and lead times.  The cost of a tablet and user license to relevant software would be a small cost to huge value.


In a world demanding multi-function, techno-products at the cheapest possible price, an automated manufacturing system that manufactures components while controlling the numbers, with 100% efficiency and consistency, would put a whole new spin on a company’s bottom line. The ability to streamline and control orders, production and delivery figures with links to deliver immediate, accurate inventory counts and values, bill customers and integrate real-time stock counts into the accounting software – and all of that ‘Now’ – would be a small cost to huge value.

In a world expecting 24 hour ordering and next-day delivery, the power to monitor stock with real-time views on stock levels – whether at one location or multiple, international warehouses – outstanding purchase and sales orders, lead times, stock values, customer locations and historic data, would make for tight control on stock and supercharge delivery systems.  The cost of software to connect online bookings and orders with onsite stock and accounting systems – immediately – would be a small cost to huge value.

The power of social media cannot be ignored when it comes to a company’s delivery speed, efficiency, and reputation… but that’s for another blog.

Your time to act

But we’re stepping on your turf now.  You know how efficient your system currently is; you know whether you have your stock control under… well, control and how long it takes you to pull reports and whether you can rely on the accuracy of them.  We know that you know where to find the documents you need, how long it takes to send invoices to customers and whether statements are sent accurately and regularly.  You know whether suppliers are paid on time for goods actually received so you’re not paying penalties. You know the value of all that and whether it’s worth a cost to increase your value.

We’ll leave the cost debate part to you, and keep doing what we do best.  Ensuring that we keep you automated with reliable software that is fully functioning and capable of increasing your value.


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