Reduce your Reliance on Spreadsheets with Sage Intacct

  • Automate key finance processes
  • Reduce risk of human error
  • Improve decision making speed and accuracy

Shift to real-time strategic insight with Sage Intacct

Despite being a powerful tool, spreadsheets come with their challenges. You're often left with no choice but to make decisions based on out-of-date information and due to its reliance on manual data entry, you're faced with the possibility that the data is also inaccurate.

What spreadsheets can Sage Intacct help you get rid of?

Improve decision making from faster reporting and more accurate, up-to-date information.

Reduce the risk of human error through manual data entry and re-keying data.

Reallocate freed up resources to more valuable functions.

Speed up key processes through automating, e.g. order to cash process.
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8 Ways Sage Intacct can help you get rid of Spreadsheets

Join us as we explore the different ways Sage Intacct can help you move away from spreadsheets. We show you 8 processes you may currently be using spreadsheets for, and how you can automate and streamline those processes with Sage Intacct, saving you both time and money.

Automation starts with a strong core

You need a finance platform that can cope with the growth and vision that you have for your company both now and in the future, that can do the core functions well so you don’t have to automate the basics.

Once you have a strong core platform you need to look at tools that you can layer on top to automate the areas that matter to you

 Examples could include:

Integration tools

Business Process Automation platforms (BPA)

Credit control automation tools

Purchase automation and OCR tools

Expense Tools

How can you get started with automation?

A key part of this process is getting your team on board, building both their skills with the software and their ability to review the process. Total reliance on consultants is counterproductive.

Financial transformation is an ongoing process, as your business develops so should your processes and that needs to be driven internally. It's also been shown in the research that financial transformation projects that heavily involve the existing team are more likely to succeed and achieve their objectives. Ensuring your team have the right coaching and development is critical to your ongoing success.

We can help you at each stage of the journey

  • Choosing the right core platform
  • Choosing your automation tools
  • Helping you analyse your processes
  • Coaching/Training your team with both technical and process analysis skills

Sage Intacct helped Halstatt automate core accounting processes enabling £100K savings annually:

“Since implementing Sage Intacct, we’ve streamlined essentially every finance process we have. When we had seven accountants, you’d have to track who was doing what and coordinate everything. Now with only two people focused on the close process, it’s much easier and less complicated especially since everything is in one system. Our monthly close is now 65% faster than it used to be."
Amanda Goebel, Senior Accountant, Halstat

Transform your finance team with Sage Intacct's powerful automation capabilities

Sage Intacct is Sage's new flagship accounting solution. Built on the Cloud, Sage Intacct offers powerful real-time reporting, an out of the box integration with Salesforce, and multi-dimensional accounting. Sage Intacct helps customers improve their close process and reduce their consolidation time, enabling businesses to gain visibility across a variety of dimensions and allowing businesses to scale easily.

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