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Reduce your Month-End Close Time

Watch as we explore typical month-end bottlenecks, share top tips for reducing your month-end close time and talk about how you can start thinking about shifting to a continuous close.

Would you like to speed up your month-end by 79%?

Watch our on-demand Financial Transformation Live session covering spreadsheet addiction to learn about signs you're over-reliant on spreadsheets, the dangers of it and how you can move away from relying on spreadsheets.

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Shift to a continuous close with Sage Intacct
Sage Intacct can help you reduce your close time by up to 79% so you can get your life back. This visionary and award-winning software automates those tiresome finance processes so your reporting is real-time and accurate. Whether you spend your time working on complex company consolidation across multiple entities or manually post accruals and recognition journals, Sage Intacct can help you automate and streamline these processes.