What makes itas outstanding?

In Office Life by Nicola Joynson

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In today’s world, it is important to feel valued and part of a team. Here at itas, our job roles are extensive; we have skills and knowledge that can be transferred to any role. Having this is a massive advantage to our colleagues and our customers. A busy day could quickly mean our customer service standards could slip due to slow response times.  Staff sickness could also be a major disaster for any business. If your customer has booked in training and the member of staff performing the training is off sick, then what happens?

Core Values

At itas, we have some core values that we follow and stick to. Achieving these values helps us create a good working relationship between colleagues and customers.

The path to greatness is along with others

Working as a team strengthens relationships within the office. The fact that we feel like we can help one another, creates a positive impact on the business. We all aim to provide high levels of customer service and fast reaction times to any queries or questions from our customers. We use CRM to keep all of our cases up to date. Even if one of the team is out of the office, we can use CRM to keep updated.

Many hands make light work

How many times a day in work do you feel like the day is never going to end? At itas, we are never afraid to ask for help. Having the support behind you when a day isn’t going your way has a positive impact on your thinking. There is nothing worse than being swamped with tasks and feeling like you have no one to turn to. Your mind-set will quickly turn negative and customers will be waiting longer for responses. Customers may start chasing for updates on work you know you haven’t even looked at yet, causing stress and resentment towards your workplace. This is something no one should ever feel.

We believe every customer is unique

We assign customer accounts to members of our team which they become an account manager for. Account managers provide monthly or quarterly (they decide) account calls. They use this time to catch up on any cases logged since the last call, and a general chat on how the business is running. They also ask if there is anything we can help with to make their day to day usage of Sage easier; whether this be through help guides or training. Having these account calls creates an even stronger relationship with our customers. Also helping them feel like they can escalate any issues with efficiency to their account manager, or any other member of the team.

We believe knowledge is key

The amount of knowledge within the team here at itas is extensive. After joining itas back in September 2017, I have already gained an extensive amount of knowledge. Having this knowledge means I no longer need to use up resources from my colleagues but instead can solve cases without interrupting them. Even though I have so much more to learn, I believe knowledge is definitely key.

We believe in continuous learning

Continually developing our knowledge with training and self-learning is essential for day to day running of our business. Sage is constantly updating products and services as well as add-ons and other features. We need to ensure our knowledge of all these products are of a high standard to pass this onto our customers when they need support.

We are not typical techies

The team at itas are not your usual techies; we are smart, fun, friendly and helpful, meaning it is a great place to work. We have socials which bring the team even closer together, that vary from meals out, cinema trips, cocktail making, and clay pigeon shooting! If you have what it takes to be part of the team then why not check out our current vacancies.

Transferable Skills

Phone Skills

We have a call system allowing the customers to select which department they want to speak to before their call is directed. The support team understandably has the largest amount of calls. Having phone skills is one of the first things you need, even if you do not know the answer to a customer query. Having the skills to take the correct information and confirming when they may expect a response is important. Customers feel like they have been listened to and understood correctly, even if their query has not been answered within the first call.

Organisational Skills

Whenever we get a support call, this is logged into our CRM system. Even if the person logging the call doesn’t have the correct information (as mentioned above) one of the team can pick this up with ease. Making sure CRM is kept up to date is essential, we aim to update our cases on a daily (at the minimum) basis so any of the team can pick this up if need be.

Emails also need to be kept organised as all the team are all logged into the company emailing system throughout the day. Whenever a new query is received via email this is logged and replied to instantly with an acknowledgment email. Once a response has been sent, the emails are then moved to our ‘dealt with’ folders to ensure they are not picked up twice. Informing and updating our customers on a regular basis is also essential to keep customer service standards high.


Working as part of a team is a big part of our core values. It is important to feel like our colleagues are also our friends. Having the confidence to ask for help and advice gives the team confidence they are part of the bigger picture.


The skills I have mentioned are just some examples that benefit us here at itas, they are really important to keep a professional standard.

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